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Results for first day :

Game 1 : KOR 2 vs 5 Potatoes
- KOR2 wins the game with 2:0, what a dominating round

Game 2 : happy vs Rui Rui is lonely tonight
- Rui Rui is lonely tonight wins the game with 2:0

Game 3 : Hello Titty vs NotFun
- Hello Titty wins the game with 2:1, it was a great match up, NotFun shows great work at round 2, unfortunately didn't manage to win the third round to actually make an come back

Game 4 : KOR2 vs error
- error wins the game with 2:1, KOR2 was leading with dominating first round, however error manage to make an comeback on second round onwards

Game 5 :HK-TW1 vs LSHSP
- LSHSP wins the game with 2:0, very interesting round 1 where luckyv and ddreammy is trying to make an comeback with archer and thief, however did not quite success, and HK-TW1 lost all 3 of their DPS early on in second round, which lead them to their defeat where there is no way for them to turn the table with 1 warrior and 1 priest

Game 6 : 扮工團 vs HK-TW2
- HK-TW2 wins the game with 2:0, in both round 扮工團 couldn't find a way to fight back thus they losing their members one by one, moral of the story: beware of flame wave

Game 7 :Amaranth vs Rui Rui need a girl friend
- Result of this game is Amaranth 2 and Rui Rui need a girl friend 2, which lead to the only sudden death match in the event so far, Rui Rui wins the game by being the first to score 3 kills in sudden death match, shout out to TingMonArch for being able to survive until time's out even being blessed twice, what a survivor

Game 8 : Rui Rui is lonely tonight vs Dicky Twister
- Dicky Twister wins the game with 2:0, dominating game, unstoppable archer with excellent teamwork

Game 9: 土豆金刚队 vs banana fafa
- banana fafa wins the game with 2:1, 土豆金刚队 lost their DPS very early on in first round, manage to win second round with same strategy however didn't manage to win third round

Game 10 : 今晚打老虎 vs Hello Tiity
- 今晚打老虎 wins the game with 2:0, very interesting match up, in first round 今晚打老虎's archer got shutdown with charging and pepsi very early on however the rest of the team have answer for that, who say priest can't kill with life drain? and that flame arrow which concluded the game, it is not something you get to see regularly

Game 11 : KOR1 vs The Last CanVas, The Fallen of Champion 2020
- The Last CanVas won the game with 2:1, another intense match up, TLC is doing their very best to shutdown PenguinCereal in first round which is a great success, KOR1 manage to answer it back in round 2 where lotusx accidentally blessed himself in the beginning, just when we thought KOR1 will be making an comeback ,TLC concluded the game with absolute domination by completely shutdown PenguinCereal in third round

That will concluded the results of day 1

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