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Dear Players, as all of you may know this week DRG is having her 8th birthday! Thanks for all the players who went through the past year with DRG, good or bad, we all together. To celebrate it, I will be hosting various events ^_^

[Event]: 3 vs 3 Tournament!

Saturday and Sunday, April 28-29th, 2018

Castle arena

10000RE for the registration fee each team, send application via forum pm to GMTybern before April 23th server time 00:00.
Team size: Maximum 3 players
Please apply with following format:
Team Name:
Team mates:
Preferred time Zone


Skills and Spells NOT allowed:
- Any reviving skill and spell
- Complete Sanctuary
- Stone Armor

Items NOT allowed:
- Summoning potion

Champion team will be rewarded three R3 Mantles of players choice. 2nd team will be rewarded three R2 Mantles of players choices. 3rd and 4th team will be rewarded three G3 rings of players choice.

[Event]: Trivia

Sunday Server time 4:00 April 8th
Sunday Server time 15:00 April 8th

OX Quizz map

I will be giving a lot of questions about DragonRaja(from both DRG and the novel), as a player you need to race to be the first to answer the question. As the reward to the winner of each question he or she will get a med, a high, or a chaos map depends on how hard the question is. There will be 15 easy questions, 10 normal questions, and 5 hard questions. You only have one chance to answer each question. There will be a score point for each fastest correct answer you give, easy answer count as 1 point, normal one count as 2 points, and hard one count as 3 points, a player can not get more than 6 points at each category(easy/normal/hard). Top 3 highest scored players will be rewarded an insane map. Good Luck!

[Event]: Monster Invasion

April 22th, Server time 15:00


In memory of the great nation Yllse closure. Tons of valued monsters will appear at Baranton downtown, defeat them and loot them for the glory of Yllse!


Server Status: Online