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Due to the amount of feedback I've received, the rules have changed to the following.

- The following is NOT allowed
- Whatever the ressing spell is called
- Complete Sanctuary
- Stone Armor
- No class stacking (Having more than 1 of the same class)
- Hiding around the map is forbidden, everyone is required to fight and not wait for people to die.
- After the event, the team leader will need to DM/PM me for the rewards. Listing what player on the team gets what.
- Anyone that is caught breaking the rules or using these spells will instantly be ghosted and disqualified off your team.
- Teams will be accepted up until the 13th of January. Any applications from that day on will not be entered, and Teams will be announced on forums shortly after.
- No backup players are NOT allowed, this is to avoid comp changing. If you have a missing player, you can fight with 2 or drop out.
- Ressing is NOT allowed in any fashion.
- Crafting Pots in the middle of the event is NOT allowed, you must use whatever pots you bought/crafted before hand.


Server Status: Online