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To celebrating DragonRajaGlobal (DRG) of 11th anniversary, i'll be here for hosting some events to keep entertained people :party:

Events: Defeats the Angels ( contained few rounds )

As in topic, the angels evaded from the "Seeker Tower" and trying to attack the villages. Stop them before they reached to the city.

First stop,

Venue: Western Wanen
Time : 16 00 Saturday 3/4/2021
Rules: 1: Pk will turns off, Pick the goods from their death.
2: Player manage to clear all the monster within 45minutes , the angels will recall their "BOSS", defeat it and bring the special item to me

Rewards below:

Insane map x1 / Chaos map x1 / High map x1 :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: 2 tokens
Insane map x3 :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: 3 tokens
G3 ring of choice x1 :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: 4 tokens
G9 Craftable item x1 :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: 5 tokens
Amurtart sword x 1 :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: 15 tokens


Server Status: Online