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  • Server News • Server Maintenance 18/06/2021

Dear Players,

We will do a Server Maintenance this Friday 18/06/2021 at 23:30 Server Time in order to deploy a small patch to fix several bugs as well as introduce a small social feature : Block Lists.

  • Server News • Server Reboot Tuesday 01/06/2021

Dear Players,

We will do a Server Reboot Tuesday 01/06/2021 at 22:30.

A Server patch will be applied with the following changes:

- Amurtart will no longer drop a sword when the Monster War timer is up.
- Monsters will no longer be summonable during the Local War if you haven't joined it.

  • Server News • Server Reboot today at 23:30

Dear Players,

I will do a Server Reboot today at 23:30 in order to release a small patch doing the followings:

- Re-enabled Ghost Ressurection skill in Local War.
- Disabled the possibility to ressurect characters from the opposite nation during Scenario Quests.

  • Server News • Server Reboot Tuesday 12/01/2021

Dear Players,

We will do a Server reboot this Tuesday 12/01/2021 at 22:00 Server Time.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance Friday 27/11/2020

Server is back online, new patch available.


Bug Fixes
- Fixed Local War invasion messing with Battle mode in other maps.
- Fixed Horse rider not being rendered properly.
- Fixed the visual buff bug (buffs would sometimes appear longer or shorter than they should be).
- Fixed several client crashes.
- Fixed a bug that would make characters and NPCs regen HPs when stunned.
- Fixed some NPCs that should be immune to stun being stunnable by Warrior & Archer stuns.
- Fixed the game not starting if no sound device is found.
- Fixed /normal note displaying the chat history with a random color.
- Fixed pressing the space bar playing a sound if party icons are displayed.

- Rares can now be placed on the rare upgrade interface by clicking on them. Same for sards & leaves.
- Added an option to increase the number of spells that can be displayed in the spell menu.
- Checks exchanged at the bank will now increase the bank balance instead of splitting in the bag.
- Added the possibility to craft 10 rare items at once.
- Donation will now take money from the bank rather than the character's bag.

- Increased the maximum stack size of material items to 9999.
- Disabled in crafting in mazes. (This had to be done now that mats can be stacked up to 9999).
- The Red Envelope item in the mall now gives 80 fame instead of 40.
- Increased the amount of fame that you can get by donating money and added additional steps.
- The "no no no" sound will no longer get spammed if your mouse is on a blocked tile with the autoclicker enabled.
- Light spell will now have the same duration for everyone in the caster's party.

  • Events • Empower Event

Dear Player , i will organize an empower map event the next weekend coming up(25-26-27th of june)

This event can trigger in any hour (1 st 2 st 3 st.... etc) if it does occur a message will appear saying a map has been empowered.

Empowered map
anything can happen in an empowered map once a map has been empowered one of the choices above will be done on that map.
1-treasure maps opened
2-monster dropping goods
3-hide and seek within that map
4-special monster to kill (last hitter will be rewarded)
5- insane lvling pits

1- treasure map opened
i will open a total of 6 treasure maps in that map, those map can be any difficulty

2-monster dropping goods (most common event to occur)
i will summon some monsters here and there dropping some items.

3-hide and seek
i will hide in the map and will reward first one to find me then move to another random location.I will repeat that process until someone has found me 3 times total.
the 1st time someone finds me will get 3 gold coins
the 2nd time that same person finds me will get chaos map
the 3rd time that same person finds me will get an insane map and a legend D1 of his choice (that or 45 min passed will end this event).

4-special monster to kill (last hitter will be rewarded)
i will summon a strong monster that will drop a special item and some other monsters that will drop random items too.

5-insane lvling pits:
i will create some insane lvling pits for an hour some might drop items (please note that event will trigger an higher exp boost)

once a map has been empowered exp on that map will also be increased for 1 hour.

see you all next week end!!!

  • Events • Re: 11th Anniversary events

Event postponed to 24 April Saturday 15 00 st. Sorry for any cause inconvenient

  • Events • Re: 11th Anniversary events

final stop

eastern wanen

17 april saturday ( right after bigmaze finished )

  • Events • Re: 11th Anniversary events

Second stop

Northern wanen

04 30st 11th april

  • Events • 11th Anniversary events

To celebrating DragonRajaGlobal (DRG) of 11th anniversary, i'll be here for hosting some events to keep entertained people :party:

Events: Defeats the Angels ( contained few rounds )

As in topic, the angels evaded from the "Seeker Tower" and trying to attack the villages. Stop them before they reached to the city.

First stop,

Venue: Western Wanen
Time : 16 00 Saturday 3/4/2021
Rules: 1: Pk will turns off, Pick the goods from their death.
2: Player manage to clear all the monster within 45minutes , the angels will recall their "BOSS", defeat it and bring the special item to me

Rewards below:

Insane map x1 / Chaos map x1 / High map x1 :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: 2 tokens
Insane map x3 :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: 3 tokens
G3 ring of choice x1 :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: 4 tokens
G9 Craftable item x1 :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: 5 tokens
Amurtart sword x 1 :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: 15 tokens


Server Status: Online