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  • Server News • Server Maintenance Thursday 26/11/2020

Dear Players,

We will do a Server Maintenance this Thursday 26/11/2020 at Server Time 22:00 in order to deploy the Version patch onto the live server.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance Wednesday 19/08/2020

Finally, free redistribution of abilities have been given to anyone above level 135

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance Wednesday 19/08/2020

Full, & versions changelog:

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where skills wouldn't appear anymore if the character goes offscreen.
- Made it possible to use AutoClicker on UI if Ctrl is held down.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Arena spectators increasing network load during Arena match and causing other weird bugs.
- Fixed ingame AutoClicker not working with jobs.
- Fixed using items with charges vanishing if used while holding them with the mouse.

- Buffs given by Buff NPCs now last 3 times longer.
- Moved Baron Shilikan's spawn position to a wider area.
- Updated Ingame Help with up to date information.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Candles and Potions not playing any effect animation on the character when used.
- Fixed Extreme Dark no longer lifting Invisibility.
- Fixed Extreme Earth not doing any damage if the character does a normal attack right after.
- Fixed Twister being usuable with other skill trees.
- Fixed Twister being able to stun if combined with Charging.

- Add a Context Menu when right clicking on a character while in Peace Mode.
- Re-added the option for materials to automatically go into the player's inventory.
- Players from Vyseus & Zypern can now directly login into Barantan.

- Thieves can no longer be interrupted when attacking.
- LUCK now gives 0.85% accuracy every 10 points.
- Wizard's max ENDU has been reverted to its original values of 200, 212, 222, 232, 242 & 252.
- Invisibility can now be lifted again by ally spells & skills.
- Dragon Scale's Physical Protection has been changed back to 60%.
- Save from Dranger protection has been changed back to 50%.
- Additional STR points will no longer increase damage.
- Additional WIS points will no longer increase Priest Spell damage.
- Additional DEX points will no longer increase Critical rate.
- Additional MOVP points will no longer increase Critical rate.
- ENDU will no longer increase physical defense.

- Arrows will now go through other players while in Battle Mode. (Except during war)
- Extreme Wind Skill can now be cast from anywhere on the screen instead of having to click near the character.
- Removed Ifrit from High Level Treasure Maps.

  • Server News • Server Maintenance Wednesday 19/08/2020

Dear Players,

We will do a Server Maintenance this Wednesday 19/08/2020 at 21:00 Server Time.

We will release Version with this Maintenance.
However, we have decided to strip the Symbol changes from this release as it needs more work.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance Wednesday 15/07/2020

Version Changelog:

Bug Fixes
- Fixed MOVP not increasing Critical rate.
- Twister has been temporarily disabled until it gets fixed.

- Champions of 2020 reward to the PvP Event winners.

  • Events • crazy tower event reroll

Dear player,

since many player asked me to reroll this event because they missed it,
This coming 29th november at 16:30 st ,i will host another crazy tower event.

event will take place in knockers tower.
for those who do not know how this event works,
Heres how this event will unfold.

1st-we will begin at floor 1 , i will summon a monster among the actual monsters the goal will be to find it and kill it
2nd- at the special monster's death it will summon a boss for this floor, and i will reveal its location.
3rd- Once the boss monster get killed, there will be a new special monster who will appear in floor 2 whom will as well summon a boss monster when he dies. we will reroll this event , 1 special monster and 1 boss monster for each floor until last floor.

In addition to loot the bosses drops ,each special monster's killer will be awarded 1 insane map and 3 gold coins.

when : sunday 29th november 16:30 ST

rules : find the special monster on each floor and kill the boss that will appear.

where : Knockers tower

  • Events • Monster Invasion 21/22 November

Monster Invasion will be held on saturday after Big Maze scenario and Sunday 04:00 server time.

the format are:

summoning monster with item drops
4chaos/4insane map will open in the map
the hardest boss x3 in one of those event ( will drop 1 special cup )

exchanging the cup prize below:

x1 : unique of choice ( ring of solocher / Star crest ) or 3 Insane maps
x2 : 6 Insane maps
x3 : mantle of dragon/covering ( none rare )

exchanging cup will be due on Monday so please turn those cup before the time

Reminder: During the event, the PK will turned off

Feast the evil and enjoy the excitement! :party:

  • Events • Map and Seek

Dear players
I'll be hosting a Map and Seek event on the 7th 16st.

The Event
I will be going to 3 different neutral zones and opening treasures maps in them. Each neutral map will contain 2 insanes, 3 chaos, and 4 highs.
I will announce when a map has been opened and where, it is up to you to locate them. Multiple maps will be opened in whatever zone I'm in.

PK will be on for the duration of this event so come prepared!

Whatever you loot from the maps.

Good luck everyone and happy hunting.

  • Events • Re: 2020 Halloween Events

The Zombies are regrouping!

Join us tomorrow October 31st at 13:00:00 Server Time in West Glade to eradicate their menace once and for all!

  • Events • Greeting everyone!!

Dear players,

Hello fellas, I am new event GM here. I hope myself won't be disappointing with the expectation of player. Please don't be hesitate to voice out anything you wish to see

in future. ( events ), we will do our best to entertain you guys! Feel free to find us in forum/discord

CHEERRS & Let's party boys! ^o^


Server Status: Online