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  • Server News • Server Reboot Wednesday 15/09/2021

Dear Players,

There will be a Server reboot tomorrow Wednesday 15/09/2021 at 23:00 Server Time.

  • Server News • Server Reboot Wednesday 08/09/2021

Dear Players,

We will do a Server reboot this Wednesday 08/09/2021 at 23:00 Server Time.

With this reboot, we will fix an overflow bug regarding fame and add normal Etin spawns in The Great Grassland and West Glade.

  • Server News • Server Reboot Wednesday 25/08/2021

Dear Players,

A will do a Server reboot this Wednesday 25/08/2021 at 22:00 Server Time.

This update will add a timer on the top right of your screen displaying the remaining time during Arena games.

  • Server News • Server Reboot Wednesday 18/08/2021

Dear Players,

We will do a Server Reboot this Wednesday 18/08/2021 at 22:00 Server Time to update the Server.

The update will bring the following changes:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Castle Arena.
  • Removed the "Sending whisper to" notification when whispering someone in the same map.
  • Changed the whisper result notifications to be the same whether the target is on a different map or not.
  • Man-made dungeon, Mini dungeon and Light dungeon are now restricted to characters between level 30 and 99.

Regarding the changes to Whisper notifications, I know this might upset some people as it was a very well known "feature" to find out if someone was in the same map as you.
However, recently multiple people have been setting up characters that go through a bunch of the game's maps to whisp a target list of people in order to find and kill them. We find this is going way too far beyond a regular PK event, which is why we are doing the change to prevent targeted harassment.

  • Server News • Server Reboot Wednesday 04/08/2021

Dear Player,

We will do a routine Server Reboot at 23:00.

  • Events • Crazy Tower Event

Dear player,

This coming 19th september at 16:30 st ,i will host another crazy tower event.

event will take place in knockers tower.
for those who do not know how this event works,
Heres how this event will unfold.

1st-we will begin at floor 1 , i will summon a monster among the actual monsters the goal will be to find it and kill it
2nd- at the special monster's death it will summon a boss for this floor, and i will reveal its location.
3rd- Once the boss monster get killed, there will be a new special monster who will appear in floor 2 whom will as well summon a boss monster when he dies. we will reroll this event , 1 special monster and 1 boss monster for each floor until last floor. Note this event will be pvp off

In addition to loot the bosses drops ,each special monster's killer will be awarded 1 insane map and 3 gold coins.

when : sunday 19th september16:30 ST

rules : find the special monster on each floor and kill the boss that will appear.

where : Knockers tower

  • Events • Re: 5vs5 PVP : Battle For Champion 2021

Result of 5vs5 Day 2

first game : LPHSP vs error
- error wins the game with 2:1, this has to be the longest game in the entire tournament so far, LPHSP and error has a draw game in first round, with 4 members staying alive when time's up, they went to a sudden deathmatch, LPHSP lose 2 spell caster very early on which was killed by kisukeex (wizard), and error lost their warrior which killed by longbrother, however error concluded round 1 by killing specialforce, kisukeex does all the work for his team in round 1
-in round 2, LPHSP gets a upper hand by killing Reversi(archer) at the beginning of the round, and LPHSP again lost a priest to kisukeex(wizard), who was killed by longbrother(archer) after, later LPHSP kill DRXX(priest) with their wizard when there is 30 second left for the round, LPHSP wins second round at 4:2 with time's up
-in Round 3 , LPHSP lost a wizard in the beginning and error lost an archer, error later lost their wizard, and LPHSP lost their warrior to a thief, leading round 3 to a tie, in sudden death match, LPHSP lost their wizard to thief, and later lost their thief and warrior to wizard. with excellent performance from kisukeex and their team, error is the first team advanced Top 4 after a long fight

Second game: HK-TW2 vs Rui Rui need a girl friend
-Rui Rui need a girlfriend wins the game with 2:0, in Round 1, jialinger (archer) first kill archer from HK-TW2 in middle of the match, and kill an warrior after, however later jialinger was killed by wizard when the round have less than 30 seconds left, HK-TW2 trying their very best to tie the score, however didn't manage to do much
-in Round 2, HK-TW2's archer attempt to go for early kills when Rui Rui is buffing, however it did not success, and Jialinger gain upper hand by killing Hk-TW2's archer and wizard. HK-tw2 lost their warrior when there is 30 second left and Rui Rui lost their thief, Rui Rui leading with 4:2, eliminated HK-TW2 from the tournament

-Third game: Dicky Twister vs banana fafa
- banana fafa wins the game with 2:0, Dicky Twister went extremely aggressive early on, and Ravness killed an archer with the aid of Priest, just when we thought DT gonna be unstoppable this time, banana fafa proved us wrong, BF first kill huggies which is DT's main damage dealer, and killed DT's wizard after, with only 3 support class left where there isn't much come back potential from DT, DT lost their priest to a wizard, leaving DT have no chance to make an comeback and all they can do is just trying to survive for 3 minutes, thus BF wins the first round with 4:2
- in Round 2, DT also went extremely aggressive and Ravness start the round by kill an archer, however Huggies got shutdown again by wizard, and DT lose their wizard, again DT only have 3 support class alive, Ravness is trying his very best to create an opportunity for their thief, however SuperQueen got stunned by blood earth and killed by a blood lightning, then DT lost their warrior to a thief, and lastly their priest to a wizard, banana fafa defeated Dicky Twister and moved on

- Fourth game : Tonight Beat Tiger Vs The Last CanVas
-TBT wins the game with 2:0, TLC is trying their strategy against KOR1 last week, however instead of shutting down wizard with an life drain archer, this time Jackoloco answer it back by shutting down the life drain archer first, just when we were expecting the team that dominated Champion 2020 will be able to have trick under their sleeve and turn things around, TLC got completely shut down by TBT's archer by losing their warrior, thief and priest, and Firaun (priest) concluded round 1 by killing TLC's wizard
-in Round 2, TLC got TBT's archer with their warrior, which can be a good start after seeing what Unnecessary is capable of, TLC lost their wizard to a thief, and their archer to a LD + ex earth combo, TLC just run around and lose the game to TBT with 3 members alive where TBT has 4

-Fifth game : Rui Rui need a girl friend vs error
- error wins the game with 2:0, in first round Reversi killed Rui Rui's wizard in first 20 seconds of the round, and Rui Rui lost their archer to warrior, follow by thief killed by wizard, bigcow manage to kill Reversi before he was killed by PrisonBreak, error gets a match point by winning the round with 4:0
-in Round 2 Rui Rui lost their wizard again at the very beginning of the game to a thief, and Rui Rui lost their priest to Kisukeex (wizard), it seem Kisukeex is really good in tearing down priest with her wizard, and Jialinger killed Reversi after, however did not do quite enough to win the round, and error advanced to Grand Final

-Sixth game: banana fafa vs Tonight Beat Tiger
- TBT wins the game with 2:0, Unnecessary killed a wizard at the beginning of the round, and kelvint kill BF's archer after, making BF lost 2 of their main damage dealer early on, the the lost of 2 DPS, BF's thief decided to go full offense instead of supporting, trying to even the numbers for a little, however TBT answer it back by putting lot of pressure on Bald, and finally killed him with flame wave, TBT lost their warrior to a priest, follow by their priest killed by wizard, TBT gets match point with 5:0
- BF killed KelvinT(warrior) at the beginning of the round with a perfectly landed Flame wave, putting TBT at a very bad spot as they have lost the potential for physical stun, the Jackoloco killed BF's priest with a flame wave, and killed BF's archer with circle flame after, Firaun killed wizard with Lifedrain, and BF have lost all the comeback potential with no damage dealer, Unnecessary went really greedy and killed by warrior, however BF didn't manage to tie up the game and TBT wins the round with 3:2 and advance to Grand Final

-Seventh game: Rui Rui need a girl friend vs banana fafa - Third Placing
- banana fafa secured Third Place by 2:1 - Rui Rui's priest manage to kill BF's archer and priest at the beginning of the match, Rui Rui lost warrior to a wizard, and BF lost their thief to wizard, turkey kill BF's archer, and Jialinger went greedy and killed by warrior, Rui Rui wins the round with 3:1
- in Round 2, it was very unfortunate that turkey was stuck in the pilar and killed by wizard, BF also lost their archer to a wizard, BF killed Rui Rui's wizard after, Jialinger tried to sneak attack with invi archer however did not succeeded and killed by BF's wizard, bigcow kind of just give up in last 20 second and killed by a flame wave, thus BF wins the round with 4:1
-in Round 3, BF's thief ran into wizard's BL range and died, Jialinger tried to sneak attack however was killed by BF's archer, bigcow was disconnected from the match, and Rui Rui lost all of 3 their remaining character in a roll, and Rui Rui have been eliminated from the event

-Last Game of the event: Tonight beat Tiger vs error : Grand Final
-TBT wins secured First Place with 2:0, Jackoloco killed error's Archer with a clean Flame wave, and kisukeex have killed by Firaun, TBT have a huge lead by killing two of the main damage dealer, when PrisonBreak try to score some kills by switching to hurling however didn't get to do much and was killed by Unnecessary, Ntom have switch to ca st set and trying to take down both DPS from TBT however got pressure hard and eventually killed by insane combo (life drain,ex ice, twister and flame wave), and TBT concluded Round 1 by 5 person ganking on DRXX
-in Round 2 Firaun starts the match by killing Kisukeex in the very beginning, it seem Kesukeex's priest killing day have comes to an end in Grand Final, and TBT switch their focus on Reversi and eventually killed her, again with the huge lead by taking down two main damage dealer at the beginning of the round, PrisonBreak again switched to hurling and try to do as much damage as she could, however there just way too much pressure being put on her and she was killed by Rickshaw, when the rest of the TBT is focusing on Ntom, Jackoloco killed DRXX again with clean Flame wave, and lastly Unnecessary sealed the deal by killing Ntom with perfect double ex fire

Since the bracket from Chanollege won't allow me to put the score as I wanted it to be, I will edit manually and upload to Forum after

  • Events • Re: 5vs5 PVP : Battle For Champion 2021

Also, initially the event is set:
- Finish Round 1 to Round 3 on 4th Sep
- Finals on 11th Sep

Therefore there will be no Loser Bracket, we will proceed to 8 Teams on Round 3 and decide who will be the winner, Second and Third place of this event on 11th Sep

  • Events • Re: 5vs5 PVP : Battle For Champion 2021

Results for first day :

Game 1 : KOR 2 vs 5 Potatoes
- KOR2 wins the game with 2:0, what a dominating round

Game 2 : happy vs Rui Rui is lonely tonight
- Rui Rui is lonely tonight wins the game with 2:0

Game 3 : Hello Titty vs NotFun
- Hello Titty wins the game with 2:1, it was a great match up, NotFun shows great work at round 2, unfortunately didn't manage to win the third round to actually make an come back

Game 4 : KOR2 vs error
- error wins the game with 2:1, KOR2 was leading with dominating first round, however error manage to make an comeback on second round onwards

Game 5 :HK-TW1 vs LSHSP
- LSHSP wins the game with 2:0, very interesting round 1 where luckyv and ddreammy is trying to make an comeback with archer and thief, however did not quite success, and HK-TW1 lost all 3 of their DPS early on in second round, which lead them to their defeat where there is no way for them to turn the table with 1 warrior and 1 priest

Game 6 : 扮工團 vs HK-TW2
- HK-TW2 wins the game with 2:0, in both round 扮工團 couldn't find a way to fight back thus they losing their members one by one, moral of the story: beware of flame wave

Game 7 :Amaranth vs Rui Rui need a girl friend
- Result of this game is Amaranth 2 and Rui Rui need a girl friend 2, which lead to the only sudden death match in the event so far, Rui Rui wins the game by being the first to score 3 kills in sudden death match, shout out to TingMonArch for being able to survive until time's out even being blessed twice, what a survivor

Game 8 : Rui Rui is lonely tonight vs Dicky Twister
- Dicky Twister wins the game with 2:0, dominating game, unstoppable archer with excellent teamwork

Game 9: 土豆金刚队 vs banana fafa
- banana fafa wins the game with 2:1, 土豆金刚队 lost their DPS very early on in first round, manage to win second round with same strategy however didn't manage to win third round

Game 10 : 今晚打老虎 vs Hello Tiity
- 今晚打老虎 wins the game with 2:0, very interesting match up, in first round 今晚打老虎's archer got shutdown with charging and pepsi very early on however the rest of the team have answer for that, who say priest can't kill with life drain? and that flame arrow which concluded the game, it is not something you get to see regularly

Game 11 : KOR1 vs The Last CanVas, The Fallen of Champion 2020
- The Last CanVas won the game with 2:1, another intense match up, TLC is doing their very best to shutdown PenguinCereal in first round which is a great success, KOR1 manage to answer it back in round 2 where lotusx accidentally blessed himself in the beginning, just when we thought KOR1 will be making an comeback ,TLC concluded the game with absolute domination by completely shutdown PenguinCereal in third round

That will concluded the results of day 1

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  • Events • Re: 5vs5 PVP : Battle For Champion 2021

Bracket have been draw



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