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  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Saturday 20/04/2019

Changelog :

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Potion trading being still possible in dungeons after a boss had died.
- Fixed Complete Sanctuary and Dispell working against boss magics.
- Fixed Amurtart's HP sometimes bugging and rendering her unkillable.

- Reduced selling price of some items.
- Tweaked Island Secret Area bosses.
- Tweaked Castle War Secret Areas boss scaling.
- Tweaked Amurtart's scaling.
- Added new Hong Kong 2 Gateway.

  • Server News • Server Maintenance this Saturday 20/04/2019

Dear Players,

We will do a Server Maintenance this Saturday 20/04/2019 at 23:00 Server Time in order to deploy Patch Version

  • Server News • Happy 9th Anniversary !

Dear Players,

As you guys know, this month marks Dragon Raja Global's 9th Anniversary !

I personally can't believe myself it's already been 9 years. 9 years which is probably longer than the lifespan of any other Dragon Raja Server that ever existed!

To celebrate this, GMTybern and GMNeria will entertain you through the month. A 3rd Event GM will also join them soon ;)

This year also marks the 20th Anniversary of Dragon Raja Online itself! This is quite a milestone!

But wait, 9 years means... Next year's going to be the 10th Anniversary ! That's something to look forward!

I have been thinking much about it recently and there is something special I would like to do next year, for the 10th Anniversary. I would like to do something this game hasn't received in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time (if ever).
I would like to work on an Expansion Pack and release it for the 10th Anniversary of the Server.

By Expansion Pack I mean something that would add a whole bunch of content at once, like a 2.0. Things like possibly increased level cap, increased Tactic Cap, new Dual grade, etc... But obviously not just that (otherwise it would be boring ;) ). Also things like new maps, new game mechanics, new wars, new dungeons, etc...
That's something I always wanted to do and I've been working on improving the game's tools and engine the past weeks to make this possible someday.
So I'm not promising an Expansion Pack for the 10th Anniversary, but that's something I will really try to do and I invite you all to suggest all sort of things you'd like to see in it. (Might open a dedicated Forum / Discord channel for that in the future)

But don't worry, I'll still be making frequent content updates my priority as a year is long to wait.

Thank you all for playing and to 9 more years of Dragon Raja !


  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Wednesday 03/04/2019

Patchnotes :

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Game not starting in Korean
- Fixed Castle War stones sometimes having huge hitboxes
- Fixed Big Gulp doing the same damage as the Snow Ball
- Nerfed HP of some Castle War Secret Room bosses which were much higher than intended

- Removed VD Rooms Timers
- Increased Monster War Boss Room limit to 50 characters and limited it to 10 characters per class.
- Decreased HP of Monster War stones
- Jorlan, MMD, VD and Arena are now permanently PK off
- Disabled Complete Sanctuary in the Castle War
- Removed Low Map drops from Venom Dungeon.

  • Server News • Server Maintenance this Wednesday 03/04/2019

Dear Players,

We will do a short Server Maintenance this Wednesday 03/04/2019 at 22:00 Server Time.

This maintenance will deploy patch which will fix several issues.

  • Events • Re: [Monthly Event] King of Kings 2019

KOK for May will be postponed to June, so we will have two KOK(May&June) next month.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Events • Re: [Monthly Event] Longest Killing Streak 2019

LKS for May will be postponed to June, so we will have two LKS(May&June) next month.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Events • Re: [Event] Happy 9th Anniversary!

Congrats Team Korean Thief(Urian/Narae/Ordinary) for the first round winner. Total 13 points made.
Congrats Team Dejavu(Dejavu/Ravness/Foolinptt) for the secod round winner. Total 9 points made.
Congrats Team KFC(Kickurasshole/Brute/DadC) for the third round winner. Total 10 points made.

Once again, big congrats to our champion team: Korean Thief (Y)

  • Events • Re: 9th anniversary finale empower, exp

Today's event concluded in 57 min
Thanks to everyone joining this 9th anniversary's and Empower's Finale event.

a big round of applause to all of our winners:

Received a Balrog Tooth for their final hits on a Balroc Wings are:

Received a Licheyeball for their final hits on a Lich are:

Received a Dragon scale for last hit on




Received a Dragon Heart for last hitting a Ripper are:

Received a Sword of Amurthart for last hitting the final boss is MacDonald

congratulation to our top 3 dps who received:
1-Macdonald (g3 ring of player's choice)
2-BlackBerry (insane map)
3-iSay (insane map)

congratulation to our top 3 healers who received:
1-OzO (g3 ring of player's choice)
2-FanhuaJS (insane map)
3-Pinkyice (insane map)

congratulation to our top 3 tanks who received:
1-Snatch (g3 ring of player's choice)
2-SuperCash (insane map)
3-Zhanxueyou (insane map)

Further more , as a final gift ,and that for 2 weeks , OX arena Quest will be opened starting from wednesday 24th april.

Once again Thank you to everyone who has joined this event , and hope to see you on our next big event.

  • Events • 9th anniversary finale empower, exp

Dear player

as you all already know this week end marks the end of the 9th anniversary , and for the occasion we will organize a big finale
with much to get in it.

OX arena challenge:
sunday 21st 12 st we will wait you at OX for a timed wave defeat monster event.
this event will be 15 waves of monsters and one final wave.
none other then amurthart will wait you at the final wave to defeat all of you daring to challenge her.

the event will be rewarded as follow

top 3 dps
top 3 tank
top 3 heal
last blow for some monsters.
last blow for final boss.
if whole event is cleared within 1 hour OX quests for 2 weeks starting this wednesday
if not there will still gonna be OX quests for 1 week


Server Status: Online