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  • Server News • Server Reboot Tuesday 12/01/2021

Dear Players,

We will do a Server reboot this Tuesday 12/01/2021 at 22:00 Server Time.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance Friday 27/11/2020

Server is back online, new patch available.


Bug Fixes
- Fixed Local War invasion messing with Battle mode in other maps.
- Fixed Horse rider not being rendered properly.
- Fixed the visual buff bug (buffs would sometimes appear longer or shorter than they should be).
- Fixed several client crashes.
- Fixed a bug that would make characters and NPCs regen HPs when stunned.
- Fixed some NPCs that should be immune to stun being stunnable by Warrior & Archer stuns.
- Fixed the game not starting if no sound device is found.
- Fixed /normal note displaying the chat history with a random color.
- Fixed pressing the space bar playing a sound if party icons are displayed.

- Rares can now be placed on the rare upgrade interface by clicking on them. Same for sards & leaves.
- Added an option to increase the number of spells that can be displayed in the spell menu.
- Checks exchanged at the bank will now increase the bank balance instead of splitting in the bag.
- Added the possibility to craft 10 rare items at once.
- Donation will now take money from the bank rather than the character's bag.

- Increased the maximum stack size of material items to 9999.
- Disabled in crafting in mazes. (This had to be done now that mats can be stacked up to 9999).
- The Red Envelope item in the mall now gives 80 fame instead of 40.
- Increased the amount of fame that you can get by donating money and added additional steps.
- The "no no no" sound will no longer get spammed if your mouse is on a blocked tile with the autoclicker enabled.
- Light spell will now have the same duration for everyone in the caster's party.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance Friday 27/11/2020

Server Maintenance has been rescheduled to Friday 27/11/2020 at 23:00

  • Server News • Server Maintenance Friday 27/11/2020

Dear Players,

We will do a Server Maintenance this Friday 27/11/2020 at Server Time 23:00 in order to deploy the Version patch onto the live server.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance Wednesday 19/08/2020

Finally, free redistribution of abilities have been given to anyone above level 135

  • Events • Nation vs nation

Format as below: ( Please read carefully )

This is a 20 vs 20 match , the form will be like 'best of three match, the winner is the first to win two sets. (If a nation win 2 times in streak that will be the end of event)

Players selection : Vyseus/Zypern will need a represent. I need both of the heads handling me the participants list. ( 20 participants name and 5 substitution )

Venue : Core Arena

When : 30th,January 2021 ( Saturday )

Time : Server time 12 00 onward, player need to be punctual and please bear in mind ( whoever comes late, the match will start without them, this is why you have 5 substitution in case)

Rules :

-Spells not allowed : Authority of Resurrection, Ghost Resurrection
-Items not allowed : Summoning Pots, Revival Pots
-Do not cast the buff spell (Blessing/Cancel From Counteraction of Divine Grace/Protection) to opponent when the game started. ( you are allow to do it one minute
later )
-No limitation of classes
-Match will be determined in 20minutes of fight. The team with the most alive wins.
-All kind of misc can use / all pots can be craft when event is running
-Make sure you have turn on nation party

Encore part: ( The best player of nation )

As written above, the nation will have a battle between same nation. The player who manage to hit 5 killing streak or the last man standing on the field will declare as winner. ( no time duration )

Challenge part: ( the best player of nation vs the best player of another nation)

This is optional, if both agree to duel on , i will make a match for them. The match will terminated if any side is not agree.

Rewards ( Stage 1, 2 , 3)

The winning side of stage 1 will grant every participants 3 insane maps , the loser will not receive any reward. the top 3 killing streaks will have extra bonus( ring of choice G3 or R3)

The stage 2, as the best player in nation will reward a non-enchanted mantle

The stage 3, triple or nothing. the winner will get 3 non-enchanted mantle while the loser side will lost his mantle(stage 2 reward) in this dueling.

Application close at 29th January, if any nation fail to sent me a list, the opponent of nation will automatic win. so good lucks! :twisted:

  • Events • Re: Last Team Standing

After doing some deep investigation regarding the winning teams of the LTS Event that took place. It has been found that 2 members of knights of vys were caught breaking the rules. Therefore they will be disqualified from the event. Apologies that the event didn't go as smoothly as I hoped, next time this event is hosted we will be more prepared to avoid things like this happening in the future.

Declaring your winners
#1 Team File Modification
#2 Team The Fortified
#3 Team The Last CanvAs

Congratulations to you guys please DM me on discord about splitting your rewards with your team. Note: I will only trade to the characters that were on the team.

  • Events • Re: Last Team Standing

Team YakeXi #17 was added, I forgot to add them to my list before announcing, they did register before the 13th. sorry for the in convince.

  • Events • Re: Last Team Standing

Team #1

Team Name The Last CanvAs

Team Leader pinkyice

Team Members

1) pinkyice (Priest)
2) OO7 (Archer)
3) CaoNiMeiShaBi (Warrior)

Team #2

Team Name The Assailant

Team Leader KelvinT

Team Members
1) KelvinT = (Warrior)
2) Jackoloco = (Wizard)
3) PhantomAssassin (Thief)

Team #3

Team Name The Fortified

Team Leader : Emii

Team Members
1) Emii(Archer)
2) EnterYouName (Priest)
3) Louiscl4 (Wizard)

Team #4

Team Name The Immortal

Team Leader Vela

Team Members

1) Vela (Thief)
2) Immortal (Priest)
3) B0SS (Wizard)

Team #5

Team Name The G.O.A.T.

Team Leader PornHub

Team Members

1) PornHub (Priest)
2) HelloMick (Thief)
3) Eryore (Wizard)

Team #6

Team Name Knights of Vys

Team Leader RavnessLoxaerion

Team Members

1) RavnessLoxaerion (Warrior)
2) Turkey (Priest)
3) superthief (Thief)

Team #7

Team Name Donkey Riders

Team Leader Dragon109

Team Members

1) Dragon109 (Wizard)
2) YouBeMine (Warrior)
3) Lotusx (Thief)

Team #8

Team Name File Modification

Team Leader Snatch

Team Members

1) Snatch (Warrior)
2) GodOfThief (Thief)
3) Azurewarth (Wizard)

Team #9

Team Name Three Angry Gays

Team Leader BigCow

1) BigCow (Warrior)
2) LouisXX (Wizard)
3) liumang (Thief)

Team #10

Team Name The Mob

Team Leader Longnv

Team Members

1) Longnv (Priest)
2) GreeUmon (Wizard)
3) QingDaoFu (Archer)

Team #11

Team Name Lovely Care

Team Leader GamEKinG

Team Members

1) GamEKinG (Wizard)
2) GongCha (Warrior)
3) TinGMonArcH (Priest)

Team #12

Team Name Kor.1

Team Leader Narae

Team Members
1) Narae (Thief)
2) MyMy (Warrior)
3) DevilStone (Wizard)

Team #13

Team Name Kor.2

Team Leader Readingeye

Team Members

1) Readingeye (Priest)
2) xMEN (Wizard)
3) cjstkk (Archer)

Team #14

Team Name Kor.3

Team Leader Cart

Team Members

1) Cart (Thief)
2) Ashtarte (Wizard)
3) Rocuse (Priest)

Team #15

Team Name Kor.4

Team Leader Wallcut

Team Members

1) Wallcut (Wizard)
2) ever (Warrior)
3) Yangpa (Archer)

Team #16

Team Name Kor.5

Team Leader Urian

Team Members

1) Urian (Archer)
2) wizardspell (Wizard)
3) eSofnet15 (Warrior)

Team #17

Team Name Kor.6

Team Leader PenguinCereal

Team Members

1) PenguinCereal (Wizard)
2) Mari (Thief)
3) Flexing (Priest)

Team #18

Team name YaKeXi

Team Leader Wuliao

Team Members

Wuliao (Wizard)
wufa1 (Priest)
caicai (Archer)

  • Events • Re: Last Team Standing

The 3v3 team registration is now closed and I will announce the teams later today or tomorrow. Thank you to everyone that signed up we have quite a lot of teams hopefully it's not to hectic. Good luck to you all.


Server Status: Online