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  • Server News • Happy 9th Anniversary !

Dear Players,

As you guys know, this month marks Dragon Raja Global's 9th Anniversary !

I personally can't believe myself it's already been 9 years. 9 years which is probably longer than the lifespan of any other Dragon Raja Server that ever existed!

To celebrate this, GMTybern and GMNeria will entertain you through the month. A 3rd Event GM will also join them soon ;)

This year also marks the 20th Anniversary of Dragon Raja Online itself! This is quite a milestone!

But wait, 9 years means... Next year's going to be the 10th Anniversary ! That's something to look forward!

I have been thinking much about it recently and there is something special I would like to do next year, for the 10th Anniversary. I would like to do something this game hasn't received in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time (if ever).
I would like to work on an Expansion Pack and release it for the 10th Anniversary of the Server.

By Expansion Pack I mean something that would add a whole bunch of content at once, like a 2.0. Things like possibly increased level cap, increased Tactic Cap, new Dual grade, etc... But obviously not just that (otherwise it would be boring ;) ). Also things like new maps, new game mechanics, new wars, new dungeons, etc...
That's something I always wanted to do and I've been working on improving the game's tools and engine the past weeks to make this possible someday.
So I'm not promising an Expansion Pack for the 10th Anniversary, but that's something I will really try to do and I invite you all to suggest all sort of things you'd like to see in it. (Might open a dedicated Forum / Discord channel for that in the future)

But don't worry, I'll still be making frequent content updates my priority as a year is long to wait.

Thank you all for playing and to 9 more years of Dragon Raja !


  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Wednesday 03/04/2019

Patchnotes :

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Game not starting in Korean
- Fixed Castle War stones sometimes having huge hitboxes
- Fixed Big Gulp doing the same damage as the Snow Ball
- Nerfed HP of some Castle War Secret Room bosses which were much higher than intended

- Removed VD Rooms Timers
- Increased Monster War Boss Room limit to 50 characters and limited it to 10 characters per class.
- Decreased HP of Monster War stones
- Jorlan, MMD, VD and Arena are now permanently PK off
- Disabled Complete Sanctuary in the Castle War
- Removed Low Map drops from Venom Dungeon.

  • Server News • Server Maintenance this Wednesday 03/04/2019

Dear Players,

We will do a short Server Maintenance this Wednesday 03/04/2019 at 22:00 Server Time.

This maintenance will deploy patch which will fix several issues.

  • Server News • Server Maintenance this Friday 15/03/2019

Dear Players,

We wil do a Server Maintenance this Friday 15/03/2019 at 23:30 Server Time in order to deploy update

Here's the full changelist of the update:

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a "bug" that would kick people out of dungeons ifthey relogged.
- Fixed some skills not working properly on Castle War stones & doors.

- Increased Freeze immunity from 5s to 10s when using a speed potion.
- Potions can no longer be traded nor dropped during scenario quests.

- Treasure Maps now give experience to whoever opens the chest and their party.

- Auto-clicker will now automatically turn off when you die.
- Pressing shift while auto-clicker is enabled will toggle the movement block.
- Removed Undead Dungeon's gates.
- Improved Dungeon Quest rewards.
- Fully butchered bodies are now removed.

Castle War
- Added Castle War Prairie Warfield
- Added Castle War Island Warfield
- Added 6 new bosses, in the Prairie & Island Warfield Secret Areas.
- Castle War rewards are now given through the same NPC as the Local War.
- Added Potion Shops to the Castle War
- Added Buff NPCs to the spawn areas of the Castle War
- Increased Castle War Stones HPs.
- Improved Castle War rewards.
- Improved Castle War Secret Area rewards.

Local War
- Increased Local War Stones HPs.
- Local War will now end when either Vyseus or Zypern is finished
- Local War Yllse stones no longer give rewards.
- Complete Sanctuary can no longer be used during the Local War.
- It is now impossible for people not in warsuit to attack people in warsuit in any map.
- Improved Local War rewards.
- It is now no longer possible to go to Barantan during the Local War.

  • Server News • Server Reboot today at 23:00

Dear Players,

We will do a Server Reboot today at 23:00 Server Time.
This is just a regular Server Reboot, no update will be applied.

  • Events • Re: [Event] Happy 9th Anniversary!

Updated Team Brawl new schedule.
Also added one round back on 21th.

  • Events • Re: [Event] Happy 9th Anniversary!

GGL Map and Seek ST3 winners:
BBDan / Total0wnage / Pinkyice / Dejavu / Lotusx
Ravness / Forecasters / Havisham / DaenerysTargarye / Snatch

GGL Map and Seek ST16 winners:
LanciLanyoung / 45GL / DAK / Lotusx / Azurewrath
Varus / shanglang / TPEARC / Snatch

Please send me forum or discord PM, or in game mail to claim your prize: G7 rare of choice or a chaos map.

  • Events • server's 9th anniversary empower event!!!

Hey everyone as you all know it will be the famous X4 exp event this week end and our birthday month. To celebrate this there will be a special lasting 1 week empower map (some might occur in week day)

during the next week starting this upcoming weekend and ending next week end , this event can trigger in any hour (1 st 2 st 3 st.... etc) if it does occur a message will appear saying a map has been empowered.

Empowered map
anything can happen in an empowered map once a map has been empowered one of the choices above will be done on that map.
1-treasure maps opened
2-monster dropping goods
3-hide and seek within that map
4-special monster dropping items in entrance
5- achieve kill streak on a map

1- treasure map opened
i will open a total of 6 treasure maps in that map, those map can be any difficulty

2-monster dropping goods (most common event to occur)
i will summon some monsters here and there dropping some items.

3-hide and seek
i will hide in the map and will reward first one to find me then move to another random location.I will repeat that process until someone has found me 3 times total.
the 1st time someone finds me will get 3 gold coins
the 2nd time that same person finds me will get chaos map
the 3rd time that same person finds me will get a special prize and a challenge(adapted to players level(that or 30 min passed,will end the hide and seek event)).

4-special monster dropping item in entrance
i will summon a strong monster that will drop a special item and some other monsters that will drop random items too.

5-Kill Streak: first,second and third to achieve 6 kill streak
in that event i will reward those players with those below

1ST : insane map and 3 gold coins
2ND :chaos map and 3 gold coins
3RD :chaos map

there is one rule thought once you get 6 kill streak you must stop to pk,so you dont alter the outcomes of the ranks.

once a map has been empowered exp on that map will also be increased for 1 hour.

Get everyone ready for this special week.

  • Events • Re: [Monthly Event] Longest Killing Streak 2019

LKS for April has ended and the conclusion for the 2 winners are:

LinTohsaka (vys) 14KS
HONS (zyp) 25KS


  • Events • Re: [Monthly Event] King of Kings 2019

updated schedule


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