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  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Wednesday 01/04/2020

Version Changelog

Bug Fixes
- Fixed PS & WS values being incorrectly set on the Client.
- Fixed remaining issues with Fullscreen mode.
- Fixed nameplate options not being saved.

  • Server News • Re: Dragon Raja Global Terms of Service


Impersonating another player (or someone of the GMTeam) is strickly prohibited and will be sanctioned with an immediate account ban.

To the 6. Harassment rule.

  • Server News • GMKenlkemen is joining us!

Dear Players,

Please give a warm welcome to GMKenlkemen!

He is going to assist GMNeria & GMTybern with events.

  • Server News • Server Maintenance this Wednesday 01/04/2020

Dear Players,

No, this is not an April Fool XD

There will be a Server Maintenance this Wednesday 01/04/2020 at 23:00 Server Time.

  • Server News • This is NOT Dragon Raja Mobile

Dear Players,

This forum, website and its linked Discord are NOT about the recently released Dragon Raja Mobile game but about the old PC MMORPG from early 2000s.

Any post about Dragon Raja Mobile will be locked without explanation.

  • Events • double exp for the next 2 week

Dear Player Because of this pandemic , corona virus , we will give double exp for the next 2 weeks as well as X4 exp this coming week end!!

I also would like to wish you, on behalf of all the Dragon Raja GMTeam as well , good luck in these days of sadness and darkness.

  • Events • Amurthat's invasion

Dear player,
There has been sightings of amurtart's outside of her castle, she might come near towns to try to invade with her minions.
this weekend after castle war there will be an invasion from amurthart in each town.
Rumors are that she wont be alone and will be helped by her minions to strike a severe blow to each town.

if each town manage to deal enought dmg to blow her illusions, she will appear in West Glade!!!
note that final hit will be rewarded in West Glade

Prizes: Anything the monster might drops
time: 29/03/2020 ,after Castle war (after secret zone) in each town, exact time the event start will follow in the notice in the game.
Rules: pvp will be turned off in West Glade

in hope to see you there

  • Events • Re: Taming Tournament 2020

taming tournament final round concluded with those players score (only showing 5 points and more players)
1st place--->SkyHorse :39
2nd and third place--->sellmypipi and care : 31
4th place--->dadc : 30
5th place--->HONS: 28

hobs: 20
QuinDaoFu: 18
wog : 18
Zfeng: 15
mob :13
missQ : 11
NFeng : 11
lotusx: 10
longnv : 10
MacDonald : 9
AlexFighter : 9
pdaye : 9
FenYan : 8
SmileNK : 7
jove : 6
HD: 5
ssvip : 5

congratulation to all participants for this Taming Final Round.

  • Events • Lunar New Year Events

Happy Year of the Rat!

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, we will be hosting two events on Sunday the 2nd of February.

For the first event, a terrible counselor of Amurtart has evaded from a deep long forgotten maze and is trying to disturb the festivities.
Reports say it will be attempting a summoning in the OX Quizz map this Sunday February 2nd at 13:00 Server Time.

The second event will happen right after, at 14:00 Server Time and will be a Taming Tournament.
More info regarding the taming competion can be found here : viewtopic.php?f=30&t=28022

First Event : Amurtart Counselor
Where : OX Quizz
When : Feb 2nd at 13:00 Server Time

Second Event : Taming Tournament
Where : OX Quizz
When : Feb 2nd at 14:00 Server Time
More Info : viewtopic.php?f=30&t=28022

  • Events • Re: [Monthly Event] King of Kings 2019

Special mentions to some other dedicated players who made more than 10 points through the series, I will contact you guys for a bonus reward. Good job.


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