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  • Server News • Re: Server Reboot today 01/08/2023

The Reboot time has been changed to 18:30 instead of 18:00.

  • Server News • Server Reboot today 01/08/2023

Dear Players,

There will be a Server Reboot today at 18:30 Server Time to fix a bug with trading.

  • Server News • Server Reboot today 18/07/2023

Dear Players,

We will do a Server Reboot today 18/07/2023 at 18:00 Server Time.

  • Server News • About today's reboot

Dear Players,

Today's reboot wasn't random, something has been changed on the server.

Recently, an exploit to dupe items has been identified and fixed.
However, multiple people have had the time to abuse it. I ran an investigation and banned all exploiting accounts and all accounts linked to them. It is however possible that in the midst of this giant ban wave, some people may have been unfairly banned. If you think you have been, please contact me on Discord or send a ticket over at and I'll take a look. Do know that I banned all the accounts of every player that abused it. So if you exploited the issue on one account, all your accounts have been banned and I won't unban them unless you are proven innocent.

To appeal, please provide both your main account's name and character and email registered to the account within the ticket.

  • Server News • Server Reboot Thursday 22/06/2023

Dear Players,

We will do a quick Server Reboot today Thursday 22/06/2023 at 18:30 Server Time.

  • Events • Summoner's invasion

Dear player , this next week end there will be a....

Summoner invasion in town

After the return of 2 spies sent from each town, to gather intel about Amurthat's intentions , It has been know that amurthart is preparing a 2 front attack , on in each town , to conquer the cities at last.
Amurthart's henchmen will be sent sunday 16:30 in hope to achieve a complete wipe of the towns.

It is now up to you to push back Amurtharts forces. This invasion will proove to be quite a challenge.

when : sunday 23th july 16:30 ST

rules : kill the monster and his summons, figuring out a way to kill him will prove to be quite a challenge.

be sure to join the forces to push the mighty foes back

  • Events • Holidays 2022

Dear Players,

It's Holidays time !

To celebrate the holidays, the following effects will be active until January the 2nd:

  • Gamble Discounted by 66%
  • Exp will be times 3 during the week and times 6 during week-ends
  • Toy Hunting Event will be active
  • Xmas Quests will be available in OX Quizz map
  • Sars will periodically spawn in West Glade. Hunt them for Treasures & Sars Masks.

All these effects will be active once the Maintenance is over !

Finally, we might have one last surprise by the end of the year, so stay tuned ;)

  • Events • Halloween 2022

Dear Players,

Halloween is coming!

Just like the previous years, the event is divided into 3 parts :

Daily Halloween Quests
Two NPCs are waiting for you in the OX Quizz map. One will give you a random treat or a trick!
The other will give you a quest to slay monsters and will reward you for it.
This event is effective starting tomorrow the 15th until the end of the month.

Zombie Invasion
The Order of the Dawn needs your help !
Starting tomorrow the 15th until the 31st (included), Super Zombies will be invading the main cities as well as West Glade, Northern Wanen and Hegemonia. Help the Order by slaying the Zombies and collect their "juice" as proof. Bring your juices to Newgate who will be waiting for you in your nearest city Temple to gain rewards. The more juice you bring, the better the rewards. Also some variety of zombies are stronger but also have a higher chance of dropping more interesting loot!

The Ancient Lich
The Zombie invasions are not the only threat.
The Ancient Lich hiding in the depths of the Undead Dungeon has been preparing something. The Order of the Dawn has been preparing an Expedition in the Undead dungeon.
Join them on October 30th at 13:00:00 Server Time to defeat the Lich and stop whatever it's preparing !

  • Events • 12th Anniversary Empower Event

Dear player,

I would like to wish you all an happy Dragon Raja Global server's 12th anniversary.

This Coming week-end (23th and 24th) will mark the return of the
Empower Event!!!!

This is a multi round Event wich will extend thorought the weekend.

during this weekend , a special event might occur at any maps or any time. This event will strike at the beginning of an hour (ex 13:00,14:00,16:00).Empower event will enchant a map with a special event among those described below.when the event does take place please note that pvp will be disabled.

Empowered map
anything can happen in an empowered map once a map has been empowered one of the choices above will be done on that map.
1-treasure maps opened

2-monster dropping goods
3-hide and seek within that map
4-special monster dropping items in entrance
5-Greatly increased Spawn

1-treasure map opened
i will open a total of 6 treasure maps in that map, those map can be chaos or insane difficulty.

2-monster dropping goods
i will summon some monsters here and there dropping some items.

3-hide and seek
i will hide in the map and will reward first one to find me then move to another random location.I will repeat that process until someone has found me 3 times total.
the 1st time someone finds me will get 3 gold coins
the 2nd time that same person finds me will get chaos map
the 3rd time that same person finds me will get a legend D1 of his choice. (that ,or 45 min interval ,will end this kind of empower event.)

4-special monster dropping item in entrance
i will summon a strong monster that will drop some special items and some other monsters to protect that monster.

5-greatly increased monster spawn
there will be greatly increased number of monsters in that map.

once a map has been empowered exp on that map will also be increased for 1 hour.

Get ready for this special week-end.

  • Events • Re: Chinese New Year 2022

About the NPC in OX Quizz. The more Firecrackers you bring at once, the better the reward!


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