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  • Server News • Server Reboot Friday 29/05/2020

Dear Players,

We will do a Server Reboot today Friday 29/05/2020 at 22:00 Server Time.

  • Server News • Server Reboot Friday 15/05/2020

Dear Players,

We will do a Server Reboot this Friday 15/05/2020 at 22:00 Server Time.

  • Server News • Re: Dragon Raja Global Terms of Service

Added under 6. Harassment & Griefing (renamed):

Buff griefing
Using a character of the same nation as other players in Castle or Local War to intentionally use certain unwanted buffs on allies (such as Divine Blessing). Doing so will result in a temporary ban. Any further infrigment may result in longer & permanent bans.

AFKing in Monster War Armurtart Room
Until we implement a better gameplay solution for that, AFKing in the Monster War room until the boss dies will be considered griefing. If you are caught doing this, your character will immediately be kicked from the Monster War. Further infrigments may result in a temporary ban.

  • Server News • Dragon Raja Global 10th Anniversary!

Dear Players,

It's that time of the year. Yes, it's Dragon Raja Global's anniversary! But it's no ordinary anniversary, it's our 10th anniversary! That's quite a milestone!

Over 10 years ago, me and LadyPhoenix, with the help of Spherix, Finito, Misti and Popsicle, we aimed to open a new Dragon Raja Server with the goal of being transparent with the players, fixing as many bugs as possible and improving the game beyond any previous Server ever has.
After several months of development, in early 2010, we opened our public Beta to tremendous success, followed up in April 2010 with the full release.

So yeah, it's been ten years. Ten years during which a lot of things happened. Ten years during which the game has changed a lot.
I sincerly wish we could have done much more with the game but the past 10 years have also been among the hardest in my life and finding the motivation and time to work on Dragon Raja wasn't always easy.

Anyway, I am not very good at speeches so I won't drag on lol.

I would like however to do a few special thanks before moving on the the next announcement.

First of all, I would like to thank LadyPhoenix, who unfortunately left us quite early in the life of the Server, for pushing me to make DRG.
I would like to thank my dear friend Jun who has been supporting me and my work through all these years.
I'd like to thank my long time friend Knox (Ang3lMag3 back in the days) who showed me Dragon Raja back in highschool. Without him, I wouldn't even have heard about DR.
I would also like to thank everyone who joined my team over the past 10 years and helped us take care of DRG.

And finally, obviously, I would like to thank you all, the Players, for playing on Dragon Raja Global. This game wouldn't be anything without you guys!

Thank you!

Now the part you've all been waiting for. This is the tenth anniversary, we've got to celebrate, right?

Well, we're still working on the big events, GMNeria and GMKenIkemen are going to host several in the upcoming weeks. There will be both PvE & PvP events.
I will let them announce their respective events once they are ready.

Meanwhile, starting this Today after the reboot, the following events will be active:
- Sars will be back until the 8th of May (included). Same behavior as before except they won't infect people anymore.
- Gamble Discount until the 10th of May (included).
- 10x Exp next week-end ! (2nd & 3rd of May).
- 4x Exp from the 4th of May until the 10th of May (included) then double Exp for the rest of the month.
- 20% Mall Discount until the 8th of May.

Finally, there was something I wanted to show you all. Unfortunately I'm way behind schedule so I will have to delay that to next month. But it's quite something, more info soon ;)

  • Server News • Server Reboot Wednesday 29/04/2020

Dear Players,

We will do a Server Reboot this Wednesday 29/04/2020 at 21:30 Server Time.

  • Events • Re: 5 vs 5 PVP event

more detail of the match:

Best of 3
- each round have 10 minutes
- when time's out, every player will be teleport to the waiting lobby
- whichever team that have most survive wins the round
- when the round is draw, both team will go for a rematch, whichever team that first score 3 kills wins the round

  • Events • Re: 5 vs 5 PVP event

Please see below for bracket

5vs5 bracket.png

  • Events • Re: 5 vs 5 PVP event

team roster have been updated, will draw the bracket by tomorrow

  • Events • Re: 5 vs 5 PVP event

below is the list of every participant of this event

1- Name of the Team:Knight of Vys

Character name of the Team Leader : Ravness

list of names that will be participated in this event:

2- Team name = Call Jill For Help
JalimRabei ( Team Líder )
Team players

3 - Name of the Team : tLPFM
Character name of the Team Leader : FidoDido

4- -Team name The Pandemic
-Team leader BlackBerry
-Team list J3HK (Wizard) --
Blackberry (Archer) -- T
TheMountain (Thief) --
Vududollz (Priest) --
Sannie (Warrior)

5 - Team Name = 6monthflysnow
1) Immortal (Priest) - ( Leader )
2) Vela (Thief)
3) deskerz (Wizard)
4) ZFeng (Warrior)
5) AllForOneTooT (Acher)

6 - Team name- FlashMob

Longnv (priest ) ( Leader )
NFeng ( acher )
Mob( warrior )
HONS( thief )
Caomudhorse (wizard )

7 - Team name CrippleQuinto
1. Moose ( archer ) ( leader )
2. CallmeXXX (priest)
3. Jackoloco (wiz)
4. KelvinT (warrior)
5. MaestroJ (thief)

8 - team name - Speed hacker
team leader ElsaQueen
Wizard ElsaQueen
Priest DadC
Warrior BigCow
Thief Izayoisakuya
Archer JiaLingEr

9 - KOR1

10 - KOR2

11 - Team name (Avenger)
leader - CaptainAmerica
CaptainAmerica - priest
B0SS - wizard
yun - warrior
HelloMick - thief
GHC - archer

12 - team name:14K

  • Events • Re: 5 vs 5 PVP event

due to last minute change of real life plan, I will change the event to 12th July (Sunday)


Server Status: Online