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  • Server News • Server Maintenance this Friday 15/03/2019

Dear Players,

We wil do a Server Maintenance this Friday 15/03/2019 at 23:30 Server Time in order to deploy update

Here's the full changelist of the update:

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a "bug" that would kick people out of dungeons if they relogged.
- Fixed some skills not working properly on Castle War stones & doors.

- Increased Freeze immunity from 5s to 10s when using a speed potion.
- Potions can no longer be traded nor dropped during scenario quests.

- Treasure Maps now give experience to whoever opens the chest and their party.

- Auto-clicker will now automatically turn off when you die.
- Pressing shift while auto-clicker is enabled will toggle the movement block.
- Removed Undead Dungeon's gates.
- Improved Dungeon Quest rewards.
- Fully butchered bodies are now removed.

Castle War
- Added Castle War Prairie Warfield
- Added Castle War Island Warfield
- Added 6 new bosses, in the Prairie & Island Warfield Secret Areas.
- Castle War rewards are now given through the same NPC as the Local War.
- Added Potion Shops to the Castle War
- Added Buff NPCs to the spawn areas of the Castle War
- Increased Castle War Stones HPs.
- Improved Castle War rewards.
- Improved Castle War Secret Area rewards.

Local War
- Increased Local War Stones HPs.
- Local War will now end when either Vyseus or Zypern is finished
- Local War Yllse stones no longer give rewards.
- Complete Sanctuary can no longer be used during the Local War.
- It is now impossible for people not in warsuit to attack people in warsuit in any map.
- Improved Local War rewards.
- It is now no longer possible to go to Barantan during the Local War.

  • Server News • Server Reboot today at 23:00

Dear Players,

We will do a Server Reboot today at 23:00 Server Time.
This is just a regular Server Reboot, no update will be applied.

  • Server News • Happy Lunar new year !

We wish a Happy Lunar new year to all our asian players!


  • Server News • Server Reboot this Thursday 24/01/2019

Dear Players,

We will reboot the server this Thursday 24/01/2019 at 23:50 Server Time.

  • Server News • Re: War & Dungeon times

New Schedule outline as shown, discuss welcomed.

  • Events • Re: [Monthly Event] Longest Killing Streak 2019

Congrats to DamnMonday for the Spring LKS Champion!

  • Events • Re: [Monthly Event] King of Kings 2019

Updated schedule

  • Events • Re: [Monthly Event] Longest Killing Streak 2019

LKS for March has ended and the conclusion for the 2 winners are:

Liangchaoiwei (vys) 13KS
Narae (zyp) 22KS


  • Events • Re: [Event]: 5vs5 Tournament

Congrats to Team Jr.GFD for our 5vs5 Champion!
Good fight for all other teams as well (Y)

  • Events • Re: [Event]: 5vs5 Tournament

Registration has been closed. Total of 4 teams will battle with each other using round-robin(with best of 3) rule set. Tiebreaker will be used if same teams happen to have the same score. This event will take minimum of 2 hours, prepare yourself well.

Team roster:
Team Jr.GFD:
Team Knight of Vys:
Team Goinmul Korean Team:
Team Young Pioneers:

Match order:
Round 1:
Jr.GFD vs. Young Pioneers
Knight of Vys vs. Goinmul Korean Team
Round 2:
Goinmul Korean Team vs. Jr.GFD
Young Pioneers vs. Knight of Vys
Round 3:
Jr.GFD vs. Knight of Vys
Goinmul Korean Team vs. Young Pioneers

Good Luck! :rock:


Server Status: Online