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System Requirements

In order to play Dragon Raja Online, your computer must meet up to the following requirements:

Minimum Recommended
Processor Pentium III 500Mhz / AMD 500 Pentium III 1GHZ or Equivalent
Memory 128MB RAM or higher 512MB RAM or higher
Hard Disk Space 2GB or higher 5GB or higher
Operating System Windows 2000/XP Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Graphics Memory 16MB or Higher 32MB or Higher
Video Settings DirectX 800x600 16Bit color DirectX 1024x768 32Bit color

Client Download

You can download the game client from one of the mirrors below:

Mirror 1: Mega

Patch Download Version 133

Full Patch

Patch Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Equipment Sets.
  • Fixed game unable to be launched in Korean.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some emotes not being replicated to other players.


  • Added F12 as a set key.
  • D1-3 requirements have been lowered to just the item and the level.


  • Reworked the Set System behind the hood, which should fix mutiple issues with it, such as items dropping.
  • Teleport Menu has been translated into Korean and Chinese.



  • Added US West Gateway.
  • Removed HK2 Gateway.



  • Translated Halloween event texts to Chinese and Korean.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Client Crash when opening then closing nation statues.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed spell casting status message names being in the wrong order in Chinese and Korean.
  • Fixed buff NPC not giving full power SFD.
  • Fixed item price being displayed incorrectly in Korean when buying an item.
  • Fixed NPC dialog bubbles not displaying the entire text.


  • Any item that isn't food or potion can no longer go into the potion box.
  • Experience Nullify Potion can no longer be eaten.
  • Updated Korean Translation.
  • Updated Chinese Translation.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Chinese fonts not working on Windows XP.
  • Changed Korean font to what it was before version 1.7.0.x


  • The ress NPC will now give a 6 seconds immunity after ressing.
  • Added Korean language pack.
  • Added partial Chinese translation of NPC dialogue.


  • Added Korean Gateway.
  • Removed Hellhound leveling quest.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix attempt for the gateways.




  • Added a new HK Gateway.
  • Added a Gateway through Canada.
  • Added a Gateway through Europe.



  • Added new Hong Kong gateway.
  • Added option to lock frame rate.


Bug Fixes

  • Startup crashes should have been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed game crashing on startup for some people.
  • Fixed game crashing when selecting map to log to.
  • Fixed mouse cursor flickering.
  • Fixed gateway not being saved to config file.


Server has been moved to Singapore and a relay through HK has been added.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the game would sometimes freeze on startup.
  • Fixed Nation story statues crashing client.


  • Added some Client error logging.
  • New Version number notation.
  • A lot of changes have been made to the game's Engine.
  • Mouse is no longer capped at 17fps.

Version 118a

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash in Red Mounts' Herb field.

Version 117

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare bug that would sometimes reset a character.


  • Yllse characters are now nationless and will be prompted to join a new nation upon login.
  • Added a portal to Barantan in Vyseus & Zypern.

Version 116


  • Closed possibility to create or transfer a character to the Yllse nation.

Version 115

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Windows XP support.

Version 114


  • Added Application of Exile item back to the mall. However it has been rendered untradable and only one can be carried at a time by character.

Version 113

Version 112

Version 111

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Help not showing Thief & Archer legends could drop Robber
  • Fixed Blade Singer Legend set bonus being incorrect clientside.
  • Fixed Warmaster Symbol values not matching the new Accurate rare values.
  • Fixed a rare UI crash.

Version 110

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed game not launching on Windows XP computers.

Version 109

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Resist up not updating Resist stats in character status menu.
  • Fixed a crash when proposing a Guild Alliance.
  • Changed the way Armurtart's summon works to be more reliable.
  • Fixed Insane map droping D1 Lord Knight Legend instead of D3.
  • Fixed some World Bosses not droping the Dual 5 items.
  • Fixed Candle & Potion rare effects being displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed Wizards being able to Memorize Location in War Maps before the war started.


  • Added a new Achievement system.
  • Added a first batch of Achievements.
  • LUCK Ability now increases Accuracy.


  • Enlight potion now gives a blind immunity for 20 seconds.
  • Anti-poison potion now gives a poison immunity for 20 seconds.
  • Heavy Armor candle/potion now has the same values as the Hardest Rare.
  • Agility candle/potion now has the same values as the Smart Rare.
  • Power up now shares a limit with Force.
  • Stroke candle/potion now has the same values as the Accurate Rare.
  • Invalid Resist candle/potion now has the same values as the Basic Resist Rare.
  • Resist Up candle/potion now has the same values as the Resist All Rare.
  • Invalid Resist candle/potion now has the same values as the Basic Resist Rare.
  • Spell up now shares a limit with Magic & Nature vigor.
  • Spell time now shares a limit with Magic & Nature stay.
  • Slight now shares a limit with Wise.
  • Speed Up candle/potion now has the same values as the Speed Rare.
  • Critical (candle/potion/food) now shares a limit with Critical (regular).
  • Candles effects are no longer shared with the party.
  • Life Drain and Vampire Touch are no longer countered by Invalid Curse potions.
  • Life Drain and Vampire Touch are no longer countered by Return spell unless the target is a Priest
  • Invalid Magic potion now works just like Evasion rare.
  • Stroke candle now works just like Accurate rare.
  • Changed Vigilante Symbol to Force/Critical
  • Changed Archmage Symbol to Basic Resist/Speed
  • There is now no longer a cooldown before you can use Skills again after using a spell.
  • Authority of Greatest Luck now gives 37% Accuracy instead of 100%.
  • Accurate rare grades now have the same values as the Smart rares.
  • Added a 5 seconds immunity to Freeze after using a Speed Potion.


  • Updated Coin Gambling rewards and changed the way they were handled behind.

Version 108

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some items acting just like Ress Potions while they should not.

Version 107

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Local War PWP not being awarded in some rare cases.
  • Fixed cases where double experience pills wouldn't run out.
  • Fixed Leveling Quest not resetting properly sometimes.
  • Fixed Ogres leveling quest not working.
  • Fixed several misc crashes.


  • Enable Dual 5.
  • Added quest to reach Dual 5.
  • Added G5 Symbol.
  • Renamed Honour points into War Points. They can now also be obtained through the Local War.
  • Added White Bear saddle (found in the Insane map)
  • Toughened the White Bear in the Insane Map.
  • Added a Sylph Boss to the Chaos Map.
  • Newly dropped Legends will now always be G8.
  • Improved Amurtart's AI to make the fight more challenging.
  • Monster War has been changed. Now everyone spawns at the same position and must destroy all the doors to kill the guards.
  • Tactic Cap has been increased to 220 for Dual 5 characters (not leechable)
  • Enchant Hammer can now enchant up to G3 / High 3.


  • Symbols have been reworked (new values can be found within ingame Help)
  • Symbols effects now overlap Blue rares.
  • The hidden white resist of Priest robes has been removed.
  • Life and Speed rares got their values buffed up.
  • Slightly increased movement speed of Wizard, Priest and Warrior Dual Shoes.


  • ImageButton has been renamed to just Button in UI files.
  • Map drops have been slightly increased.

Version 106

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed UI position in resolutions higher than 800x600

Version 105

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Hunger bar not being displayed.
  • Fixed Text buttons hit detection not working anymore.
  • Added back TextButton widget through legacy support (they're still deprecated).
  • Fixed UI's SizeFromElement property not being updated properly in some cases.
  • Fixed several rendering bugs.
  • Fixed several crashes.

Version 104

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed tammed NPCs not doing anything.


  • Added a new quest in Arena map which will give you Treasure Maps for items.


  • Wizards cannot use teleportation magics anymore within the Castle War's secret area.
  • Arena Buff NPC no longer refreshes Buffs if the player still has them.
  • Tamed/Summoned NPCs can no longer attack players when PK is turnt off.

Version 103

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with logging for certain characters.

Version 102

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several network stability issues.


  • Added several one time quests that give various rewards.
  • Added a repeatable quest that gives experience in every main city.


  • It's Christmas time ! Make sure to check the forums for information on upcoming events.

Version 101

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed connection issues for Brazilian players.


  • Halloween Event : Don't forget to tune in at 14:00:00 in Hegmonia !

Version 100


  • Enabled part 2 of Halloween Event.

Version 99

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed memorized spells & hotkeys not saving properly.

Version 98

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Treasure Maps disappearing from inventory if you digged at its coordinates while ennemies from another Treasure Map were still alive.
  • Fixed Quest Kill Counter not working with some monsters (fixes killing of Ether Etins for the Archer quest).
  • Fixed several curses preventing from stunning.
  • Fixed character unable to move when exiting job windows with escape.
  • Fixed several minor UI bugs that happened when logging from one character to another.


  • Added a potion that resets your experience. It can also prevent you from earning experience if you hold it in your Quick Item Bar. The potion can be bought in the Item Mall.
  • Added a quest to reset Dual Class. The quest also allows you to change your Spell Type (just chose Priest or Wizard dual to change your spell to that type). You can find the NPC for that quest in Collossus Arena, at 87, 144
  • Becoming Dual Class 1 will also allow you to change your Spell Type.
  • Removed the limit of rares you can make every day for characters that achieved "Grand Master" in their jobs.


  • All Wizard and Priest spells now require that you be Wizard/Priest or Dual that class.
  • Changed Extreme Lightning damage from 110%, 120%, 130% to 105%, 110%, 115%.
  • Changed Extreme Earth damage from 110%, 120%, 130% to 105%, 110%, 115%.
  • Changed Lethy's base duration from 100s to 50s.
  • Changed Lethy's physical protection from 40-50% to 30-40%.


  • Improved game's network quality, which should fix several lag issues.

Version 97

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Treasure Maps droping items at invalid coordinates.

Version 96

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Medecine of Dark Quest (Vampire Quest) not giving 100 Fame points.
  • Fixed Treasure Maps coordinates not being properly loaded sometimes.
  • Fixed Blade Singer set bonus being incorrect.
  • Fixed Recent Logout in Quest Dungeons glitching if Quest did not start yet.
  • Fixed Treasure Maps items & monsters sometimes spawning on invalid tiles.
  • Fixed World Boss spawn announcement not being displayed Serverwide.
  • Fixed Weapon Tactics not being leechable at level 150.
  • Fixed several server stability issues.


  • Made it so new Treasure Maps cannot point to areas that aren't neutral or within your own nation.


  • Added a 5s Stun immunity when the Stun state is lifted.
  • Complete Sanctuary cannot be used anymore in Quest Dungeon maps, even before quest starts.


  • Migrated Charging & Blood Earth cooldowns to the new cooldown system.

Version 95

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a Client freeze happening when some sort of special text was rendered.
  • Fixed Zypern teleport not have the Venom Dungeon entry.

Version 94

Bug Fixes

  • Should have fixed Treasure Maps never loading coordinates. (This won't fix the maps that are already bugged but should prevent it from happening again).
  • Fixed several client crashes.
  • Fixed several server stability issues.


  • The last boss of each scenario quest has now a chance to drop 1 to 2 Treasure Maps (Medium & High for Abyss, High & Chaos for Undead, Chaos & Insane for Big Maze)
  • World bosses have now a chance of droping a Medium or High treasure map (World bosses are the bosses that spawn on a set timer in some dungeon maps).
  • It is now possible to leech Tactic Exp again at level 150.
  • Added teleport to Venom Dungeon 1 and Seeker's Tower to the teleport NPC.
  • Added Guild Alliance feature.
  • Added ServerWide message when a World Boss spawns.


  • Increased Skin of Dark Bear drop rate from 1% to 3%.
  • Increased Skin of Cyclop drop rate from 1% to 3%.
  • Doubled Experience given by the following monsters : Dark Bear, Cyclop, Fatal Skeleton, Succubus, Balrog.
  • Slightly reworked & increased Low Treasure Map drop rate.
  • Greatly increased Low Treasure Map drop rate on the following monsters : Dark Bear, Cyclop, Fatal Skeleton, Succubus, Balrog.
  • Changed Spawn times of World bosses to be 1, 19 and 13 instead of 18, 20 and 22 (days remain the same).
  • Increased Level 100+ experience rates by 50%.

Version 93

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several fullscreen issues.
  • Fixed Window events not being processed fast enough.

Version 92

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed game being still inactive after alt+tab sometimes.
  • Fixed mouse and keyboard being laggy when Keyboard layout is set to Korean.
  • Fixed Shift key not working for movement holding when chat bar is opened.
  • Fixed X button not closing game but prompting to log out instead.
  • Fixed Enter on logout dialog not pressing Ok.
  • Fixed several text issues.
  • Fixed several various bugs.

Version 91

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various mouse issues.

Version 90

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Asian languages chat not working properly.
  • Fixed external autoclickers not working anymore.


  • Limited Treasure Maps drop to Level 100+ Monsters only.

Version 89

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several minor bugs.
  • It is now no longer possible to avoid magic damage when client is minimized.
  • Full screen issues should now be fixed.
  • Fixed Fleet missile rendering the Archer unable to move while the arrow was flying.
  • Fixed a frequent disconnection issue.


  • Enemies will now randomly drop Low Level Treasure Maps. The higher the enemy level, the higher the chance.
  • Treasure Maps have a chance to drop another Treasure Map of a higher level.
  • Reworked Legends
  • Reworked Treasure Maps drops
  • Reworked Treasure Maps monsters
  • Added a new Treasure Map called Insane Map.


  • Reworked Fleet Missile. It is now slower than before but stuns its target on hit. The greater the distance the arrow travels, the greater the damages and the stun. It is also a Skill shot to use with Right Click.
  • Fleet Missile now has a cooldown before you're able to use it again.
  • Fleet Missile is now an Archer only skill.
  • Strikes rares no longer proc if a hit misses.
  • CounterAttack rares no longer proc if a hit misses.
  • Robber rares no longer proc if a hit misses.
  • Desire rares no longer proc if a hit misses.
  • Critical rares are now luck basesd rather than hit count based.
  • Holy cure now works on "Colleagues" only.


  • Client no longer uses DirectX directly.
  • It is now possible to scale the game's resolution.
  • Display settings are now saved.
  • Ingame text now is uses UTF-8 instead of Code pages.

Version 88

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed text being incorrectly aligned.
  • Fixed server crashes.

Version 87

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed wood logs disappearing when sawing them if the stack was > 20 items.
  • Fixed Amethyst/Beryl quest taking a whole stack of the needed items instead of the correct quantity.
  • Fixed Double Exp pill being movable into the bank while it should not.
  • It is now no longer possible to enter a scenario boss's portal past the 5 minutes mark after the boss's spawn. (fixes the issue where players were able to reset the boss)
  • Fixed DragonGuard's item protection making it impossible to Duel in cities.
  • Fixed Shearing saying you've sheared Wheat instead of Wool.
  • Fixed some NPCs & Quests giving items with 0/0 durability.
  • Fixed Spell Book scroll buttons being misplaced in high resolutions.
  • Fixed Tutorial's progression sometimes getting stuck.


  • Slightly improved Current Server Time part of the UI.
  • Added Monsters' levels display when hovering them with the mouse.
  • Removed the need to "say" a passphrase in order to enter Sermenys Dungeon.
  • Using the Tablet now shows your Dual Quests progress.

Version 86


  • Item stacks have been increased from 20 to 40.
  • The following items are now stackable : Unknown Mushroom, Tooth of Argos, Sand of Star, Mana Metal, Branch of Klattu, Tentacle of Gazer, Skin of Cyclop, Skin of Dark Bear.
  • Added NPC to exchange Secrets for Dual Fame. (Daily quest, 1 Secret = 10 Dual Fame).
  • Decreased the number of Dark Signets needed for Dual Fame by half. (1 Signet = 1 Dual Fame).


  • Horn of Iceberg's movement slow effect has now been decreased by half.
  • Horn of Iceberg's effect no longer applies if the hit misses.
  • Dark Blade's effect no longer applies if the hit misses.
  • Cherroy shade's effect no longer applies if the hit misses. (The skill is still disabled but we still changed that in advance in case we enable it again (and we would like to)).
  • Converting Armor now works on Monsters. (If used on monsters, it won't remove the stacks on the previous target(s)).

Bug Fixes

  • Improved server stability.

Version 85

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a random UI poping when discarding a Monster Hunting quest.
  • Fixed some issues related with experience.
  • Fixed several server stability issues.


  • Enabled Christmas Events.


  • Added Dark Signet item.

Version 84

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Treasure Maps not working even though you were mining at the right coordinates.
  • Tybern's Gift can no longer be used with skills from the other skill trees.
  • Fixed several bugs related to experience.
  • Fixed Blitz Gemstone, Fatal Bone and Ifrit's fire quests.
  • Fixed Tactics leeching not working if you had 200TT in Piercing.
  • Fixed several serverside crashes.

Version 81

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when starting ingame auto-clicker.

Version 80


  • Added ingame Auto-Clicker.
  • Added nation chat.
  • Rescaled magic resistance of some monsters to match with their physical resistance.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Hotkeys not working on UI addons.
  • Fixed jobs not working if the required tool was equiped.
  • Fixed a crash caused by UI addons on logout.

Version 79

Castle War

  • Slightly balanced the Dragon Turtle fight in Mountain Warfield Secret area.
  • The Dragon Turtle has now a chance to drop a Treasure Map upon death.
  • Fixed secret area timer issues.
  • Players who won the Castle War can now go back into the Warfield by using the "To Warfield" button in the War Menu.
  • Fixed a bug where players would get kicked out of the Castle War, even if they were part of the winning team.
  • Fixed a bug where the Castle War winners weren't able to get back into the Castle from outside.


  • There will now be an announcement each time someone kills someone else in a map.
  • Name of people in your party will now appear above their characters.
  • Repair hammer now gives full durability for the given Grade, instead of giving the durability of a Grade 1 item.
  • It is now no longer possible to resurrect someone from a different nation during Local & Castle War.


  • Rare making no longer requires success rate.
  • Butchering will now always butcher at least one skin.

Version 78

Castle War

  • Enabled Castle War
  • Fixed a bug where defenders were able to attack their own stones/doors.
  • Fixed a bug where the last stone was attackable while the other stones were still alive.
  • Fixed the nation maker not appearing above players.
  • Fixed /Revival not working in some cases.
  • Fixed War Chat not working.
  • Fixed Ice/Fire walls disappearing when being used on Doors & Stones.
  • Fixed Officers not having their proper armor being rendered.
  • Fixed Secret Area not starting properly.
  • Lowered experience reward.
  • Lowered doors' and stones' AC.
  • Made it so it is no longer possible to cast a magic on someone from an opponent's team standing in a safe area.
  • Added Guards in the safe areas to prevent someone from the wrong team to enter them.


  • Reworked War & Dungeon times.
  • Increased Fame & Dual Fame rewards from Local War.
  • Increased Secret drop rate.
  • Increased fame rewards of every quest in the game. (I'm talking about normal quests, not dungeons)


  • Adding Halloween daily quests.

Version 77


  • Added the new Castle War (BETA)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple various minor bugs

Version 76


  • Prepared Game for upcoming updates


  • Increased Exp Rates
  • New Rates :
    • 1-100 : x3
    • 100-135 : x2
    • 135-150 : x1.5

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Dual 4 NPC in Hegemonia saying you need 100 DF to complete the Dual Quest while you actually only need 50.
  • Fixed a cooking daily quest which was sometimes being marked as done without actually doing it.
  • Fixed a bug where a level 1 character was unable to use Recent Logout.
  • Fixed a bug where a player was able to leave Scholium without completing the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug where Candles would eat a player's HPs without actually eating them.
  • Fixed a bug when butchering a cow, saying you've butchered Wheat.
  • Should have fixed a bug where a player was able to move while dead but not in a state of ghost.
  • Fixed several other minor bugs

Version 75

Bug Fixes

  • Updater not starting after file fix on Windows XP should be fixed.
  • Autoclicker issues should be fixed.

Version 74

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hotkeys not working properly.
  • Fixed Option Menu missing a script.

Version 73

  • Fixed bug present in patches 71 and 72. Client will perform a check on all files to fix the issue.

Version 72

  • Attempt to fix bug introduced in patch 71

Version 71


  • Reworked Music & Sound Effects volume sliders in Option Menu.
  • Butchered items will no longer go directly in the bag (sorry but too many people are abusing it to butcher skins AFK).
  • Game options are no longer stored within the dragon.ini file (all your option settings will be reseted however).
  • Check box images have been slightly reworked.
  • Addon selection UI is now a modal UI.
  • Slightly repositioned OptionMenu tooltips.


  • Added Borderless Window display mode.
  • Game Window is now centered when launching it.
  • Dragon Raja Guide map has been improved.
  • Dragon Raja Guide map is now mandatory to all new players.
  • Beguiner's hunting area (Scholium2 map) has been removed.
  • New characters on accounts having already existing characters do not need to do the Dragon Raja Guide.
  • Added information regarding character's Abilities in Help menu.
  • It is now possible to lock the mouse inside the Game's window when playing in Window Mode.
  • Saving light has been removed (it was useless anyway).
  • Double exp pills can now be paused by right clicking on them.
  • Double exp pills are now auto-paused when the character is dead or loged out.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed text rendering causing huge slowdowns on systems with 2 or more screens. (if you still have the issue after the update, please contact our support desk)
  • Fixed Dual Quests being reset.
  • Fixed Options settings not being canceled properly when closing Option Menu using the Cancel button.
  • Fixed main interface flickering when opening the Option Menu.

Version 70

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a frequent crash happening when some items get droped.

Version 69

Bug Fixes

  • Crafted stackable items no longer generate only one item if a stack already exists and they should generate more (arrows, knives, etc...)
  • Items without ground image do not disappear anymore if they get dropped on the ground, they have a default sprite now.
  • Venom Dungeon Timer (and all other timers) do not get on top of Party & Bag windows anymore.
  • Level 150 characters can no longer leech tatctic until 200.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the game from running in fullscreen on some hardware.
  • Fixed Archer Skill Switch not changing the Skill's name and description.
  • Fixed devices not being activated properly in Dragon Guard sometimes.


  • Castle War no longer requires vote to start
  • Scenario Quests will have PK off/on every two weeks, like before

Version 68


  • - Enabled Dragon Guard. More informations on the forums.

Version 67


  • - Added Dragon Guard.
  • - Added an option in the Option Menu to lock the Camera on the character.
  • - Loosing the Monster War now spawns less monsters in the towns and they get removed after 1 hour.


  • - Twister does not go through Stone Armor anymore.
  • - Twister can no longer be stacked.

Bug Fixes

  • - Fixed several crashes.
  • - Guild Party won't work anymore if the two players aren't guilded.
  • - Shark Missile can no longer be spammed faster than normal, without loosing CPs (it doesn't change its usual use, only fixes a heavy bug abuse)
  • - Fixed a bug where items would disappear when reaching a negative durability.
  • - Detect ghost duration is no longer locked at 360 seconds. However its per level duration has been slightly reduced.

Version 66

  • - Server relocation.

Version 65

  • - Changed war and quest time schedules. Please check the in-game help section or the forum for the new schedule.

Version 64

  • - Fixed increase in CPU usage when alt-tab caused by patch version 63.

Version 63

  • - Fixed 16bit colour not working.
  • - Improved Alt-Tab.

Version 62

  • - Fixed not being able to equip quantity items when quantity < 10.
  • - Fullscreen now supports rendering in either 16bit or 32bit (fixes Windows 8 problems)
  • - Fixed Job droping equiped weapon's duration
  • - Fixed items not stacking when picking them up fast.
  • - CraftPick now works for butchering
  • - 6h double exp pills
  • - Fixed gambling NPC handing out 0/0 durability items
  • - Improved every monster spawn in Zypern
  • - Fixed characters with name length > 15 being unable to retrieve PWP reward.
  • - Added a non-transferable Redistribution of Ability item that is given to players when reach level 101. This replaces the reset menu popup at level 101.
  • - Corrected in-game help max endu before dual for Warrior, Archer, Thief, and Priest.
  • - Added "Cannot Be Transferred" text to item explanation for non-transferable items.
  • - Repair Durability item now transferable.
  • - Arena Buff NPCs no longer decrease the player's Divine or Mana.
  • - Increased friend list limit to 100.

Version 61

  • - Player killing setting changed to always enabled in scenarios.
  • - War times will be rescheduled. See ingame help page for new times.
  • - Scenario times will be rescheduled. See ingame help page for new times.
  • - Corrections to Help page War Times, Magic, Combat skills.
  • - Corrections to Combat skill descriptions.

Version 60

  • - Server relocation.

Version 59

  • - Fixed memory leaks.
  • - Fixed some errors that could cause crashes.

Version 58

  • - Fixed mantles and accessories with 0 duration not being equipable.
  • - Fixed dual classes not giving the 100 extra stat points.

Version 57

  • - Fixed bug with Interfaces having wrong priority.

Version 56

  • - Removed Extra Spells from MainInterface UI

Version 55

  • - Fixed login not working.

Version 54

  • - Fixed small issue in Option Menu

Version 53

Dragon Raja 1.6.7

  • - Items do not disappear anymore on breaking. They become unusable instead.
  • - Rare items will no longer drop on the ground if the bag is full, they will be put into the Merchant Board instead.
  • - Most of the hotkeys are now customizable.
  • - UI Elements having "shortcut" propriety can now use hashtags in order to use any hotkey defined in the options.
  • - Highly improved add-on support for UIs. (more information on this later)
  • - Job tools do not need to be equipped anymore. Having them in the bag is enough to use the jobs they're needed for.
  • - Revamped the options menu, it is now also accessible from the login-screen.
  • - Duel off/on is now saved when you relog or close the game.
  • - Trade off/on is now saved when you relog or close the game.
  • - Guild Party off/on is now saved when you relog or close the game.
  • - Nation Party off/on is now saved when you relog or close the game.
  • - Drop off/on is now saved when you relog or close the game.
  • - You can now set via /pick craft command or option menu if you wish the items you craft to go directly into your bag.
  • - You can now set via /pick material command or option menu if you wish the items you gather through primary jobs to go directly into your bag.
  • - Several bug fixes regarding the new Arena System.
  • - A small crash happening with the UI will be fixed.
  • - You can now equip arrows by left clicking them like regular weapons.
  • - Fixed a bug in the daily job quests involving the killing of monsters. You should now be able to abandon your killing quests without bugging the npc.
  • - Fixed a crash whilst fishing caused by weather effects.
  • - Fixed Monster War points not always increasing.
  • - Fixed Stun/Stone not being removed properly by Languid pot or any remove curse spell.
  • - Fixed Desperado and Warmaster Symbol having incorrect values on client side.
  • - Fixed some typos in rare attribute strings.
  • - Fixed Saint symbol not showing any attributes.
  • - Stopped equipment change being spammed when holding down F9-F11 keys.
  • - Corrected the money requirements for ability redistribution shown to the player in the client to match the server side requirements.
  • - Fixed Guild Chat not closing when chat is unlocked.
  • - Fixed tabbing between different chat types not changing the chat type button to the correct one.
  • - Fixed moving of caret up and down within mail window edit control.

Version 52

  • - Fixed a bug in previous patch.

Version 51

  • - Fixed a small bug with the arena system.

Version 50

Dragon Raja 1.6.6

  • - Added the Ranked Arena system.
  • - Random Arena matches now teleport the players back where they were once the match is over.
  • - Fixed several bugs redarging the new UI System
  • - Fixed several crashes happening when the client wasn't focused (e.g. when doing alt+tab)
  • - Fixed client freezing upon Tactic Level up.
  • - Fixed a crash upon the use of a candle.
  • - Fixed a crash regarding items.
  • - Fixed a crash due to a memory problem.
  • - Reduced UI memory usage.
  • - Added six new UI options, "active", "permanent", "priority", "silent", "OpenSound" and "CloseSound".
  • - Added two new UIButton options, "silent" and "sound".
  • - Added a Dark Bear mount.
  • - Space and Escape now close the UIs using the new system (unless they have permanent=1).
  • - Added sounds on closing/opening an UI from the new UI System.
  • - Added sounds on clicking on a button from the new UI System.
  • - The old and new UI systems do not conflict anymore.

Version 49

  • - Holy Cure and Remove Curse now cure from Converting Armor.
  • - Fixed a crash occuring with Twinkle Star and some other spells.
  • - Fixed a crash when retrieving a guild item.
  • - Fixed a crash when taking a screenshot.
  • - Fixed an error occuring with shadows.
  • - Fixed a crash occuring when the dual class screen was showing.

Version 48

  • - Reverted font change.

Version 47

  • - Fixed the new crash issue with previous patch and a few others crashes that have been reported.
  • - Fixed Status window text offsets

Version 46

  • - Fixed a crash when logging into the game.
  • - Fixed a problem where items disappear when dragging them onto belt from inventory.
  • - Fixed a problem where items that cannot be put onto belt disappear instead of being put into inventory.
  • - Fixed name tags displaying incorrectly.
  • - Friend list button no longer has green edge/border for hover and pressed state image.
  • - Fixed a problem where mouse events are not handled for UI windows when they are first opened.
  • - Mail box window now no longer causes excessive moving of map (due to windows closing and re-opening) when changing between different parts of the Mail box UI.
  • - Item tooltips(explanation) shown when hovering now follow the mouse cursor. This keeps the correct item tooltip showing when items are moved around.
  • - Fixed the incorrect displaying of bank numbers and position of the number text.
  • - Rain sound is now looped, fixing the gaps in the audio when it is raining.
  • - Fixed a problem where NPC would randomly change direction when moving around.
  • - Fixed a problem where NPC would be stuck in walk animation after reaching destination.
  • - Corrected Thunder Blow Level 2 combat skill damage % description. It is now 32~36% and was 32~35%.
  • - Fixed destination cursor not showing.
  • - Fixed the gap between the two names of NPC to be same as gaps between names on character tags.
  • - Fixed character name tag offsets for face picture, dual mark, and NPC HP gauge.
  • - HP gauge for NPC is now drawn the same as Player HP gauge.
  • - Corrected "Lightening" typo in Combat Skill descriptions.
  • - Corrected Lightning Shield Level 1 and 2 combat skill damage % description. It is now 20~24% and 27~31% before it was 20~23% and 27~30%.
  • - Corrected Extreme Lightning Level 2 combat skill damage % description. It is now 20~26% before it was 20~25%.
  • - Corrected Extreme Earth Level 3 combat skill damage % description. It is now 130~134% before it was 13.~134%.
  • - Corrected Extreme Fire Level 1,2, and 3 combat skill damage % description. It is now 10~13%, 15~19%, and 25~25% before it was 20~23%, 30~34%, and 40~45%.
  • - Corrected Tybern's Gift Level 1 combat skill damage % description. It is now 30~34% before it was 30~35%.
  • - Corrected Twister Level 2 combat skill damage % description. It is now 20~22% before it was 20~23%.
  • - Fixed item tooltip going outside of screen area. Will now be able to see the full tooltip for items on quick slots.
  • - Fixed typo "icorrect" in en_lan for the ID/Login is incorrect message.
  • - Fixed skill name, skill level, skill exp, name, and exp text offsets on main interface.
  • - Checked and made corrections to text inside client data files.
  • - Fixed magic and skill tooltip drawing behind interface windows.
  • - Add requirements to magic tooltip.
  • - Changed magic and skill tooltip location.
  • - Removed ability line of skill tooltip.
  • - Money values are now comma separated in most cases.
  • - Fixed merchant board closing and re-opening when item lists are requested.
  • - Fixed money text offset for dyeing, shops, learn item, learn skill, and nation salvation interfaces.
  • - Fixed text offsets on character select interface.
  • - Fixed Fleet Missile, Thunder Strike, and Thunder Blow not dealing increased damage.
  • - Fixed magic learn going back to the first class after learning magic.
  • - Added BigMaze time to help page.
  • - Added War schedule to help page.
  • - Fixed a NPC saying he is from 'Vyseus' but should say 'Yllse'.
  • - Fixed a NPC saying he wants 'Poncho' when should say 'Bread'.
  • - Fixed Snow War status window.
  • - Fixed Guard Stone announcements.
  • - Fixed Snow War start window not showing the minimum and maximum entry level.
  • - Fixed Mail Box page text offset.
  • - Fixed Skirmish Status (Nation War) text offsets for the numbers of each nation.
  • - Added small description of monster war and schedule to help page.

Version 45

  • - New Arena System, added as BETA for now. Check our forums for more informations.
  • - Added Squirrel Scripts to the UI, check forums for more informations.
  • - Added several new Widgets to the UI, check forums for more informations.
  • - Fixed the butchering message saying 'Wheat' instead of the proper item name.
  • - Fixed a crash due to some magics (such as Twinkle Star).
  • - Fixed a small bug with Daily Quests.
  • - Now players need to do a certain amount of damages to a stone before getting PWP from it in the Local War.
  • - The Local War rewards are now obtainable from a NPC in each main town instead of 20s after the end of the war.
  • - The price of some items will be changed in order to prevent the usage of bots from making money.
  • - The damages of Extreme Ice have been a bit decreased to balance a bit Thieves toward Archers.

Version 44

  • - Fixed several crashing bugs.
  • - Decreased the damages of Converting Armor and Lightning Shock Skills.
  • - Added UILayout to the Custom UI.

Version 43

  • - Added a Crash Report when the Game Crash. Please don't forget to add additional informations when you report a crash and do not hesitate to report.

Version 42

  • - Fixed Priests spells not being put in the Quick Magic.

Version 41

  • - Fixed the hotkey icons on the MagicIcon widget not showing properly for characters from A to Z and numbers.

Version 40

  • General:
    • - Fixed that it was unable to learn job items.
    • - Fixed the hotkeys that weren't working.
    • - Fixed the merchant board crashing.
    • - Fixed the merchant board showing weird texts.
    • - Fixed the Peace/Battle/PKMode button which was buged when using some skills.
    • - Fixed the mouse cursor which was blocked on its position after using it to scroll the screen up/down/left/right
    • - Fixed mails list not being updated on opening.
    • - Should have fixed the game sometimes crashing on loading.
    • - Fixed the game crashing on closing.
    • - Fixed people whispering you not getting registered in your whispering list.
    • - Fixed the whispering using the friend list.
  • Warrior:
    • - Changed Blood Earth cooldown to 20s.
    • - Changed Charging colldown to 10s

Version 39

  • - Fixed Archer and Thief multi having their damages too high.
  • - Fixed whispers sometimes reseting.
  • - Fixed Potion icon still showing even when the pot box is empty.
  • - Added a small cooldown to Charging skill.

Version 38

  • - Fixed multiple bugs which were annoying. The rest will be fixed in the next patch.

Version 37

  • - Fixed a small UI bug.
  • - Fixed quick items not having the proper explanation on the new UI.

Version 36

  • - Fixed a UI loading bug at launch.

Version 35 (Dragon Raja version 1.6e)

  • General:
    • - Fixed several minor bugs.
    • - Fixed a bug that prevented to cast some combat skills while running.
    • - Added the Monster War.
    • - Changed the job material gathering text to show which item has been gathered.
    • - Added Combat Skill Reset books in the Mall.
    • - New User Interface.
    • - Thieves and Archers will no longer loose their CP Charge if they wrongly click on a target within their party/team.
  • Warrior:
    • - Increased the range of the "Charging" skill and added a 2s stun effect.
    • - Increased the number of Tornados in the Extreme Wind skill and increased its damages.
    • - Increased the number of ticks of the Twister skill and increased its damages.
    • - Increased the damages of Extreme Earth skill.
    • - Blood Will skill now decrease the warrior's life but increase his damage according to his life. (The lower is life is, the higher the damages are).
    • - Increased the damages of the Ground Attack skill.
    • - Blood Earth skill now stuns for 2s the ennemies around the warrior.
    • - Increased the damages of Extreme Lightning.
    • - Lightning Shock will now drop the opponent's shield's AC, up to 5 stacks or decrease the Complete Sanctuary effect of the opponent.
    • - Increased the damages of Lightning Boom.
  • Archer:
    • - Converting Armor will now drop the opponent's shield's AC, up to 5 stacks or decrease the Complete Sanctuary effect of the opponent.
    • - The Damages increase of Extreme Fire now works properly but has been changed to 10%, 15% and 20% instead of 20%, 30%, 40%.
    • - Converting Armor will now work if the Archer has any kind of protection on him (Safe from Danger, Bless, Protection, etc...)
  • Thief:
    • - The Damages increase of Extreme Ice now works properly but has been changed to 10%, 15% and 20% instead of 20%, 30%, 40%.

Version 34 (Dragon Raja version 1.6d)

  • - Added Monster War!
    A whole new war which will bring you to the dark Hades Warfield !
    The war is however currently in BETA phase.

Version 33

  • - Fixed some words not showing in the chat
  • - Added early Monster War features

Version 32

  • - any fixes and tweaks in the Local War
  • - Automated PK on/off in scenario quests (with the exception of Big Maze)
  • - Several bug fixes
  • - Decreasing server load (should maybe solve some lag problems)
  • - The NPC to bring back in quest should turn players properly into ghosts now.
  • - "Saint Elmo's fire staff" has been renamed to "Saint Elmo's lightning staff".
  • - Changed resistance of Aura Iskra Bow to be fire
  • - Changed resistance of Iskra Bow to be fire
  • - Changed resitance of Saint Elmo's lightning staff to be lightning
  • - Changed resistance of Adad Staff to be lightning

Version 31

  • - Fixed the HP Bar of NPCs not decreasing after Magic Attacks
  • - Fixed the Monster Hunting Quests
  • - Changed the "Id doesn't exist" message to "ID/Password incorrect"

Version 30

  • - Fixed a Typo with the New Archer Skill

Version 29

  • - Added a new item to the game, a scroll making you able to switch a skill with another (only works for Archers for now).
  • - Added a quest (will be explained later) to obtain the scroll described above.
  • - Added a "Switch" skill for Archers called "Flame Arrow". This skill will replace" Multiple Fire" once the scroll is used. Using the scroll again will change "Flame Arrow" back into "Multiple Fire".
  • - Made it impossible for priests to resurrect someone of another nation in a map of their nation during the Local War (for example, a Yllse priest can't ress a Vyseus a Zypern char in a Yllse map, but still can in a neutral map and in a Vyseus or Zypern map).
  • - Cleaned and improved performances of the Server (possibly reducing lag).
  • - Reduced the minimum required level of some skills for Archers, Warriors and Thieves.
  • - Monster Arena is fixed.

Version 28

  • - Re-enabled day/night
  • - Big Maze Quest opening!
  • - Fixed some exploits
  • - Re-enabled Snow Weather
  • - Fixed Recent logout in Scenario Quests

Version 27

  • - Added new Help Pages

Version 26

  • - Fixed several bugs with the achievements
  • - Added Christmas Event
  • - Fixed the Christmas music not being played in towns
  • - Fixed a character deletion bug where it was impossible to recreate a character with the same name

Version 25

  • - Added Help Files in the client about the new War System.
  • - Fixed Several Bugs in the New War System.
  • - Activation of the New War System
  • - Ping is now in the top center of the screen on every resolution and displayed in green, yellow and red.

Version 24 (Dragon Raja version 1.6c)

  • New Feature:
    • - New War System using Personal War Points in order to give rewards.
    • - More balanced than the previous war, gives a chance to everyone to get Dual Fame and Fame
    • - More details can be found on the forums at
  • Other changes:
    • - Fixed the recent logout in quest now teleporting you correctly outside of quest if it fails inside quest (instead of in town)
    • - Added the Upgradable Star Crests (NPCs for the Upgrades can be found in Venom Dungeon)

Version 23

  • - Recent logout during Scenario Quest will now log you outside of the quest instead of town(if the inside quest recent logout fails).
  • - You are now able to talk to the NPC that teleports you back in quest while being a ghost.
  • - Party killings are now counted for Monster Hunting quests.

Version 22

  • - Tactic Exp % display should now be fixed.
  • - Fixed bug with the NPC to teleport back in Scenario Quest not putting you properly as ghost.
  • - Dragon Raja will be playable in higher resolutions after the update, please note that this is still in beta phase and problems may occur with resolutions higher than 800x600. If notice any problems, please let us know.
  • - Possible Fix for the War Chat
  • - G2 Items and higher are no longer taken by Quest NPCs

Version 21

  • - Due to people accidentally clicking on the revival button when trying to move, you now need to right click on it. Left clicking on it will not trigger the button and only make your character move to clicked position.
  • - The revival bug of logging off exactly after being revived but before being moved has been fixed: You now teleport to town as a ghost. In town you will be revived by pressing the button again.
  • - Moving to town is now also allowed in the Scholium2 (beginner) map.
  • - In all Venom Dungeon maps you no longer need to have your SC in your inventory, you can keep it equipped.
  • - Observer mode in arena has now been fixed: you may now see how many remain on each side and who dies to who.

Version 20

  • - Changed message box after connection lost to be in-game.
  • - Fixed sound system (sound settings should now be stored properly and work at the start of the game, the checkbox of background music at the start of the game now works, turning sound effects low should no longer result in loud sound spikes)
  • - Added a revival button on death which is usable by everyone: using this button will revive and teleport you back to your hometown.
  • - Going back to your hometown (when alive) can now be done through the options menu and then pressing 'moving to the village'. Re-logging just to get to town is hence no longer necessary.
  • - Ghosts of other nations cannot be seen anymore in Kalaile during Local War

Version 19

  • - Fixed a heavy bug abuse.
  • - Fixed a small bug with the new Help Pages.
  • - De-food Spell and Skill disabled during Scenario Quests.
  • - A message will now pop-up if you get disconnected.

Version 18

  • - Fixed buff not being shown if a characters that has buffs goes out of your screen and comes back.
  • - New Undead Quest added on Sunday
  • - Quest and War times will be changed to fit better with the time zones of everyone
  • - New Help Pages
  • - Spell Complete Sanctuary is now disabled during Scenario Quests

Version 17

Version 1.6b of Dragon Raja:
  • - New feature: Achievement system with 51 achievements
  • - HP Gauge of monsters client side are now more accurate.

Version 16

  • - Fixed some crash with the new selection mechanisms.
  • - New selection mechanisms only work with butcher now.

Version 15

  • - Added F11 as hotkey to change equipment
  • - Made equipment change with hotkeys F9-10-11 more intelligent (uses the items you actually registered for each set)
  • - Equipment sets are now saved Server Side
  • - Items that belong to a Set will have a tooltip
  • - Added % to Tactic Exp Gauges
  • - Merchant Permit now work
  • - Added possibility to Recent Logout in the following maps: Sermenys Dungeon, Abyss Maze, Undead Dungeon and Big Maze. However, you have a limited time of 2 minutes to re-log or you will be forced to go to town.
  • - Fixed GM Job not accepting stacks of items
  • - Improved selection mechanisms with mouse
  • - Fixed a graphics error with rain showing red dots
  • - Now impossible to go behind Castle and Snow war stones.
  • - Removed some debug messages in the Client.

Version 14

  • - RE should no longer be allowed to be put inside the bank
  • - Guild and Nation party fixed (In-game commands: /guildparty & /nationparty)
  • - Zypern Flag & Yllse Flag text now display on the correct flag
  • - Many item text errors have been fixed
  • - Monster Hunting Quests fixed for jobs
  • - Complete Sanctuary is now self cast only
  • - Miracle Recover is now self cast only
  • - Shadows displaying incorrectly now fixed
  • - Triflask & Bottles have been added back into Alchemy/Magic shop
  • - Ornament and Skin color prices have been reduced
  • - Priests, Thiefs, and Archers can no longer wear Dual 1+ Shields (Only Warriors can wear)
  • - Experience Pills now work with Leeching.
    If 'Leecher' has pill, 'Leecher' will receive 2x Experience (Blaster doesn't need Experience Pill for it to work for the leecher)

Version 13

  • - Now able to receive Bless Leaf from GM Fishing Daily
  • - Now able to Complete Carpentry War Staff Quest.
  • - Alchemy daily quests should now give experience reward.
  • - Bug that allowed RE to be put into Bank as a 'ghost item' is now fixed.
  • - Castle War has been fixed
    - No longer have 2 stones or walls stacked on top of each other
    - War Length has been changed to 2 hours
    - Vote time has been changed to 30 minutes
    - Prepare time has been changed to 30 minutes
    - Minimum votes has been changed to 20
  • - Added 3 new values to donate for fame using higher amount of crit. (Going to allow players to figure out the new values)
  • - 2 more fame quests have been added.
    - One is located in each nation.
    Barantan (241, 214)
    Helternt Village (143, 208)
    Renus (84,56)
    - One is located outside Knockers tower (In Eastern Wanen)
    Eastern Wanen (522,501)

Version 12

  • - Orc despawn rate
  • - Job quests (Typos, NPC Locations) All fixes will not be included, but there will be alot of improvements. We will be removing the monster killing daily quests until we have fully fixed them.
  • - Added hamburgers back into the cooking shop
  • - Whisper bug
  • - Resource rates for Mining, Lumbering, Fishing, and Herb digging will be increased


Server Status: Online