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Dear Players,

It's Holidays time !

To celebrate the holidays and give you all the promised compensation, the following effects will be active until January the 2nd:

  • Mall Discounted by 20%
  • Gamble Discounted by 66%
  • Legend Hammer now has a 66% success rate
  • Enchant Hammer now has a 66% success rate
  • Amurtart will now drop an extra sword.
  • Exp will be times 5 during the week and times 10 during week-ends
  • Toy Hunting Event will be active
  • Xmas Quests will be available in OX Quizz map
  • Treasure map loot rate have been increased by 50% (meaning something with 50% drop rate becomes 75%)
  • Treasure maps also now give twice the experience

All these effects will be active after today's reboot at 22:00 Server Time (OX NPCs and Toy Hunting will start at 00:00 ST).

In addition to these, GMKenIkemen and GMIllumina will make sure to keep on entertaining you with their usual daily events.


Server Status: Online