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Dear players, to welcome our new comers after server immigration. I am going to host a hide and seek and a LMS events this month, hope you all enjoy!

Event: Hide N Seek
Sunday Server Time 3:00 and 13:30
Sept 23th, 2018

The Great Grassland

I will constantly open insane maps at random locations for a hour period(first half hour pk is off and will be turned on second half hour). As a player you will need to find it and do whatever you need to do! The first player who find the pit will get a bonus reward: G7 craft-able gear of your choice.

There is no rules.

Anything you can loot from the Treasure box, good luck!

Event: Last Man Standing
Sunday Server Time 14:00, Sept 30th, 2018

LMS Arena

There will be three rounds, every player will need to battle to death, for each kill you get one point, you will also get points as last three survivors(6 pts for the round winner, 4 pts for second and third place, and 2 pts for fourth and fifth place). I will also be joining as a participator to combat you all, as a bonus, whoever killed me will get 6 pts. I will not count as last three survivors, so your rank wont change regardless I am alive or not.

Skills and Spells are NOT allowed:
Authority of lose for sight
Complete Sanctuary
Return from counteraction of divine grace
Stone Armor

Items are NOT allowed:
- Summoning potion

Winner of each round will be rewarded an insane map, 2nd and 3rd place for a chaos, 4th-5th place for a high. Whomever(in each nation) has the highest score from all 3 rounds will receive a pair of G3 Rings of player's choice.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. I will look forward to meet you all later! :D


Server Status: Online