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Dear player,

there has been saying that the commander is back !!! Last year ,as we all remember , there was a multi stage invasion , as a balrog wing and his minions tried to conquer the southern part of Lethe's river, disembarking all his crew he got stopped in all the fronts his attack was planned. As the last minion fell , the balrog flew swearing to be back!!....

There was some outposts whom claimed having seen that giant sword Holder. Beliefs are that he will try again this week end to invade an unknown region for now.
As Most region and village peoples are fleeing that assault, each town will ask their strongest warriors to repel the attack and save the villages from this.

be prepared as there will be more then one invasion this weekend , the time is however unknown for now , the 2 Village's council will investigate more their campments when the commander is out for an attack.

When : this weekend ( development of the event will reveal times and locations)
where : around raja world
rules : multiple non pvp invasions


Server Status: Online