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Its been a while since last 3v3 tourna, lets see who will be the best team this time.

Saturday ST13:00, Dec 7th, 2019 (a hour ahead of BM)

Core Arena

10000RE for the registration fee each team, send application via forum pm to GMTybern before Dec 6th server time 00:00.
Team size: Maximum 3 players, no same class allowed.
Please apply with following format:
Team Name:
Team mates:

Rule set will be determined after the registration deadline.
If the match timed out with same numbers, the team draw first blood wins.

Skills and Spells NOT allowed:
- Any reviving skill and spell
- Complete Sanctuary
- Stone Armor

Items NOT allowed:
- Invalid curse potion
- Summoning potion

Champion team will be rewarded 3 G2 or R3 Mantles of players choice. 2nd team will be rewarded 3 G1 or R2 Mantles of players choices. The rest team will be rewarded 3 G3 rings of players choice.

Good Luck!


Server Status: Online