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Sunday Server time 2:00 August 25th (Same time as UD)
Sunday Server time 16:00 August 25th

Core arena

Total ONE round(plus a practice round). You are able to make a team to compete with all other teams to be the top one. Every kill your team made scores one point, the max killing points your team can get from kill another team is 5(say if there are 4 teams total, the max killing points is 15). Last three teams will have a surviving points(3/2/1). The match ends after one hour period, or when there is only one team left. Anti team is OFF during the fight(otherwise party wont work), play wise and aim to the top.

Send application via forum pm to GMTybern one day before event match starts.
Team size: Maximum 5 players, different class.
Please apply with following format:
Team Name:
Team mates:


Skills and Spells NOT allowed:
- Complete Sanctuary
- Stone Armor
(Yes, Revive is allowed, however, you can not revive other team members, or your team will be disqualified immediately)

Items NOT allowed:
- Summoning potion

Champion team will be rewarded five R3 Mantles of players choice, or one G3 Mantles of teams choice(or D3 Legend of teams choice) and four G3 rings. 2nd team will be rewarded five R2 Mantles of players choices, or one G2 Mantles of teams choice(or D3 Legend of teams choice). 3rd and 4th team will be rewarded five G3 rings of players choice. Any team with more than 10 points will be rewarded 5 chaos map and 20 points will be rewarded 5 insane maps


Server Status: Online