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There will be a Nation pvp consist of 8 players in each group on 30th May, Server Time 16.00, in Core Arena

Each nation will come out of 2 teams, each team consist of 8 players

rewards for first winner of 8 vs 8 Team pvp event

- A title above of each winning character saying (champion of 2020) for winning team
- 5 sword of amurtart
- max of 8 x d3 hammer
- max of 6 x d2 hammer
- 4 x mantle of covering (normal)
- 4 x mantle of dragon (normal)
- 10 enchant hammer
- 16 chaos maps
- 12 insane maps

rewards for second winner 8 vs 8 Team pvp event

- 3 sword of amurtart
- max of 4 x d3 hammer
- max of 3 x d2 hammer
- 2 x mantle of covering (normal)
- 2 x mantle of dragon (normal)
- 5 enchant hammer
- 10 chaos maps
- 6 insane maps

Rules :-
every spells and skills can be used
every consummate can be used
revival elixir and easter egg is prohibited
ress is not allowed
SS and stone armor is not allow
summoning potion is not allow
each character is only allow to be registered for one Team
You can only register to a team that is in your own nation
All the prize will be given to Team Leader only

Registration can be done on discord and forum, registration is free, please pm me details as below,
Registration format shall be as follow:

1. Name of the Team
2. Character name of the Team Leader
3. list of names that will be participated in this event
4. names of back up character

-more bracket be added if we have more than 4 team registered, given that you are not trolling XD
-each team must have back up player to participate in case some of their teammate couldn't make it

Deadline of team registration will be on 27th May, Wednesday, we will no longer enroll your team if you submit your application after 27th May(As per server time)


Server Status: Online