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Dear Players,

As you may have noticed with our latest patch, it is no longer possible to transfer to Yllse or just create a character there.

We are in the process of closing Yllse as a playable Nation.
This decision was taken in order to regroup the server's population within two Nations instead of three, which makes it easier to balance overall.

So for now, we are only closing the possibility to create/transfer characters to Yllse. But very soon, we are going to give the possibility to everyone currently in Yllse to move to either Vyseus or Zypern for free. We are also obviously going to remove Yllse from the Local War (unless we find a better use for the Yllse stones (feel free to suggest!))

However, Yllse maps stay open and available for everyone to go. Only the Nation itself is closing.

Finally, f the server's population rise by great numbers in the future, we may open Yllse as Nation again.


Server Status: Online