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Patch changelog :

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Queen & Baron spawning too many guards.
- Fixed arrows & knives going through enemies during War Invasion.
- Fixed Tybern Bug.
- Fixed skills AoE removing invisibility (while not really a bug, it caused a bug where you couldn't re-apply invisibility).
- Fixed Languid potions not updating the character visual debuff state.

- Increased Spider Web's range.
- Decreased Spider Web's accuracy drop from 20% to 17%.
- Changed Blindness curse to apply an accuracy drop instead of blackout. The accuracy drop is of 25%.
- Nerfed speed rares by 25%. (G10 is now 38).
- Removed Movement Power from one hand Swords.
- Changed Gauntlets Movement Power from 40 to 20.
- Remove AC bonus from Gauntlets.

- Re-added possibility for new characters to go to the beginner's hunting area.


Server Status: Online