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The Server has been rebooted and is back online!

A new Client patch is available.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Blue borders when the game render resolution aspect ratio does not match the screen's.
  • Fixed Auto Clicker Hold Check button not working.
  • Fixed Enter key needing to be pressed twice to select character after login in.
  • Fixed F1-8 keys not working when the chatbar is opened.
  • Fixed clicking on the close window button not closing the game.
  • Fixed pressing Enter key no longer login out when the logout box is displayed.
  • Fixed IME Keyboard being displayed at the wrong location for some resolutions.
  • Fixed characters sliding when casting Ice Breath 2.
  • Fixed characters running instead of walking when using gathering skills.
  • Fixed casting cooldowns being drastically increased by pepsi, which was not the case before.
  • Fixed Trade mode being toggled off when switching maps.
  • Fixed Big Maze last boss room being uncrossable.
  • Fixed characters sliding on death.
  • Decreased characters movement a bit to hopefully match its original setting.
  • Fixed Ghosts movement speed being faster than it should be.
  • Disabled VSync until an option is added to toggle it. (if you wish to play with vsync, add "r_vsync true" to your settings.cfg file)


Server Status: Online