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Hello my dear players,

This is a follow up regarding what I've posted a month ago.

December has come and as promised, I'm getting more time to take care of Dragon Raja, starting this week.
However it'll take me a bit of time to set things right and properly get into it so don't expect things to suddenly go faster and such. As I've said multiple times on Discord, it will be a linear change, getting better and better progressively.

The first thing I can tell you is that we will release a patch this week to fix several bugs (including the candle issue) as well as setup what we will need for the xmas events.
Following that, I will work on a bigger patch for version 1.7.3 but I don't expect it to be fully released until January as I will be busy near the end of the month because of the obvious end of the year family stuff and such.

Starting January, I should have everything properly setup for me to work steadily in the best conditions, so that's when you will start to see things getting really better like more patch releases (including the long awaited Legend Shop update and more!).

So, here's to bright future for Dragon Raja !


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