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Dear Player's

There will be a Nation's Longest Kill Streak event this Thursday and Saturday.

The Event
Each player will have a chance to battle through 3 rounds to accumulate rewards and hope to claim the top prize.

The Time
Thursday 15th June 16:00:00 Saturday 17th June 03:30:00

Anykind of item who can nullify magic or physical attacks are not allowed (such as anti-curse or anti-magic potions).
Skills not allowed : Pepsi , Stone , Blind, Confusion , Divine curse , Stun (This does NOT include warrior stuns and archer stun) and any rare that causes these effects too.

The Rewards
Winner of each round will receive an insane map. for further reward's I'll add a chaos map to players that manage to get above 5 kill streak and If you get above 8 you'll get an additional insane map.
*TOP PRIZE* Whomever has the highest kill streak combination from the 3 rounds will recieve a G3 Ring OR G2 Cape of players choice, the highest player from EACH nation will have a chance to recieve this 1 time prize.

The map being used will be the LMS Arena, If you die you'll be ressurected so you can get back into the action.
If theres anything you're unsure about just leave me a PM.


Server Status: Online