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  • Server News • Server Maintenance this Wednesday 17/02/2015

Dear Players,

There will be a Server Maintenance this Wednesday 17/02/2015 at 21:00:00 Server Time.


-the Sign Painter

  • Server News • Beta testing registration

Dear Players,

In order for us to release more stable builds and test some features before releasing them on the real server, we have decided to open a beta test server.

The numbers of slots on this server will be limited, therefore we have put a registration form online at the following address :

If you want to participate in the beta testings, complete the form and we may select you depending on your profile.


-the Sign Painter

  • Server News • Re: Issue with new stackable items

Issue should have been fixed and server is back online.

  • Server News • Re: Issue with new stackable items

We will take server down at 13:00:00 Server Time to fix the issue.
Hopefully it'll be back up before Undead.

  • Server News • Re: Issue with new stackable items

We're workinbg on a fix at the moment and we will reboot server before 14:00:00ST (no ETA yet)

  • Events • Team PvP Tournament - March 2016

Hello Folks!

It's been a long time since our last PvP Tournament, so I am glad to announce we are going to have a Team Fight in March.
It will be a 3x3 Team PvP.

Rules will be better explained soon.
As for now, I can say this: There will be three categories.

  • High - Lv 135+
  • Medium - Lv 100 ~ 134
  • Low - Lv 1 ~ 99

Stick around for more information!
Best regards,
Dragon Raja Global Team

  • Events • Monthly Double Exp (TRIPLE)

Dear Players,

Our monthly double exp has now started :)
Since you've unlocked all the extra days during the donation event, it'll last for a total of 9 days ! Starting now the 02/01/2016 until the 11/01/2016.

Oh and, since you guys made it quite close to it and since 2016 just started, it'll be TRIPLE Exp ;)

And let's not forget Vyseus gets one extra day of TRIPLE exp since they've donated more than the other nations.

Enjoy !

  • Events • Re: Christmas Donation Event

Updated with the final results

Unfortunaly, the Triple Exp was not unlocked :(
However, all the other rewards were unlocked and already applied, except the double exp.
Double exp will start the 2nd of January 2016 :)

  • Events • Re: Christmas Donation Event


The current donation totals are:

Yllse : 246 500 000
Vyseus : 626 100 000
Zypern : 122 000 000

Overall : 994 600 000

Which unlocks the following rewards :
25% Discount on Gambling
Additional 3 days of2x EXP
Additional 25% Discount on Gambling
Additional 2 days of 2x EXP
Additional 2 days for Gifts!
Add chance to get special cape from gift NPC! [No dragon shoulder]
Chance to get Gold Coin from Gambling doubled!
Additional 2 days for Daily Quest NPC
Upgrades the special cape to G3 Hard, Force, or Magic Vigor!
Additional 2 days of EXP, Daily Gifts, and Daily quests!
Chance to get gold coin from Gambling tripled! (Does not stack with previous)
+25% more EXP, Crit, and Fame from Daily EXP Quest.

  • Events • Re: Toy Hunting Event

Toy Drops will now only happen in West Glade (but they have slightly increased)


Server Status: Online