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  • Server News • Server is back online

Dear Players,

The server is back online, sorry for this long downtime. To compensate, we have extended the Double Exp to one extra day.

  • Server News • Re: Help Wanted !

We are still looking for people able to fill the positions above.

  • Server News • Re: Server offline

Issue is now resolved, sorry about it.

  • Server News • Server offline

Dear Players,

The server is currently offline due to a database issue. We are working on resolving it asap.

  • Server News • Ban Wave

Dear Players,

I have just proceeded with a huge ban wave, banning over 90 accounts.
All these accounts are banned for 1 month except one which is banned for 3 months.
Just a reminder to these punks. Because you don't get banned right away doesn't mean we aren't aware of what you're doing ;)

In any case, some of the banned accounts might be "innoncent" because the cheater just logged on it with his cheat on and the account got flagged. If you think that is your case, please send a ticket over at and we will investigate further on.

  • Events • Re: Monthly Double Exp

It's this week-end, 2nd & 3rd of September :)

  • Events • [Event] Monster Invasion

Dear Player's

There will be a Monster Invasion event this Thursday.

The Event
Monster's of all types will be invading west glade's outter market, It's up to players to repel the invasion and grab whatever goodies they drop.

The Time
Thursday 10th August 12:00:00 Server time

There are no specific rule, just have fun and kill everything that's killable!

The Rewards
Anything that you loot is your reward!

  • Events • Re: [Event] Longest Kill Streak

The Saturday "Longest Kill Streak" event has been won by the following player's.

Vyseus : Mathilde
Zypern: Simplestupid
Yllse : Mofomaycry

Also a congratulation's to all the other participant's who won the other prize's.

Hope to see you all for future event's. gratz :rock:

  • Events • Re: [Event] Longest Kill Streak

The Thursday "Longest kill streak" event has been won by the following players.

Vyseus : Johnterry
Zypern : Dragon109
Yllse : Kleimage

  • Events • Re: [Event] Longest Kill Streak

Added a second date/time , added along with different method of getting top prize.


Server Status: Online