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  • Server News • Re: Client Patch

Released another Client patch that should fix the fullscreen issues as well as some more keyboard & mouse issues.

  • Server News • Client Patch

Dear Players,

I have just uploaded a quick Client patch that should fix several issues:

-Fixed game being still inactive after alt+tab sometimes.
-Fixed mouse and keyboard being laggy when Keyboard layout is set to Korean.
-Fixed Shift key not working for movement holding when chat bar is opened.
-Fixed X button not closing game but prompting to log out instead.
-Fixed Enter on logout dialog not pressing Ok.
-Fixed several text issues.
-Fixed various minor bugs.

You can get it through updater.

  • Server News • Re: Server Reboot

Server reboot is over.
New patch is available through updater.

  • Server News • Server Reboot

Dear Players,

We will do a very quick Server Reboot this Monday 20/06/2016 at 00:30:00 Server Time to deploy a small patch.

Changelog of the patch:
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Asian languages chat input not working properly
- Fixed external Autoclickers not working anymore

- Treasure Maps can now only be droped by level 100+ Monsters.

To have a quick fix ready regarding the asian languages issue, we had to force the game to use Arial font. We will work on a better fix for a future patch so you'll be able to set the language you want again. For now, everyone's locked to Arial, sorry about that.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Server News • Re: How to temporarily fix the text issue in Korean

Source of the issue has been found and fixed.
A few minor bugs are remaining but we're confident we can release a patch today.

  • Events • Monthly Double Exp

It's now until the end of the week-end !

  • Events • Re: Team PvP Tournament - March 2016

We will contact teams individually to setup match schedules.

  • Events • Re: Team PvP Tournament - March 2016

Event has been delayed to Saturday 26th because not enough teams have registered so far.
Registrastion will now close the 25th.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Events • Re: Team PvP Tournament - March 2016

Hurry up! These are the last few days for Registration!

We will be closing it by Friday 18th and the matchs will start on Saturday, 19th (to be confirmed according to the Fighting Teams and GMs).
We will announce every fight here in this post, as well as the results!

Be ready! :go:


Server Status: Online