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  • Server News • Re: Recent events and the future of Dragon Raja

Side-note : What I said about making it easier to reach Dual 3 and grind rare is only a possibility we thought about. Same for moving the server to Asia.
If you guys think there are better ways, please let us know, we welcome any constructive suggestion.

  • Server News • Recent events and the future of Dragon Raja

Dear Players,

As you may have noticed, activity from the GM Team has been very low recently. No event, update taking forever to get released, tickets not being answered, etc...
I know a lot of you have been very concerned about this and were thinking the server was dead or was goingto close. Don't worry, it's not. But truth is, I have been lacking a lot of motivation recently due to real life events and I needed to rest.

Although things are getting better and I will get work done again soon, these are the risks when you're almost the only person capable of maintaining the server (I still have a team behind me but they mostly help me with design and decisions, I am the only one taking care of the code and tickets, with the occasional help of Finito). And the recent dismissal of GMBlissful due to inactivity isn't helping.
So if anyone feels like helping with any of these, feel free to contact me.

But anyway, I am trying to get things going again and I have recruited two news GMs to handle events. I will introduce them to you all very soon.
I will also take care of the tickets very soon and I will offer somekind of compensation to those who have been waiting for a long time. I will also try to release the latest update as soon as possible and offer some days of triple (or even quadrulple) experience to everyone.

Now, about the future of Dragon Raja Global. I am trying to recruit people to help me with code and tickets (feel free to apply through Forum PM or reach me on Discord).

Other than that, most of you probably noticed how hard it is to keep a steady population on the Server.
When I released the D5 update, we reached over 200+ concurrent characters, which was amazing. However, that number soon droped off and it's hard to keep up with updates to please everyone (especially when you are the only programmer in the team).

So I have tried talk to as much people as I could to ask them what they would want changed in Dragon Raja and what they enjoy. At first, I got feedbacks from people just saying they only enjoyed the PvP (which I think is the case for majority of the players) and wanted an high rate server. However, some players would just like more events but still the ability to grind things in order to have a sense of progression.
So I have been thinking and debating with my team about what we could and should do.
While the possibility of high rate has been seriously discussed and considered, we believe this wouldn't suit all players (especially since some enjoy the grind). However, we do believe it shouldn't take months for someone to reach a competitive level and grind good gear. To satisfy both playerbases, we are thinking about making it much easier and faster to reach D3 as well as grind gear.

Also, we believe most of what makes this game interesting is the population, which has always been hard to keep steady. We know a lot of Asian players stopped playing because of latency issues (the Server is located in Canada).
So we would like to try something about that. We rented a server in Singapore that we originally planned to be used as a proxy to reduce latency for Asian players. Unfortunately it never really came to reality because it was not really much of an improvement. However, we still have that server and we would like to use it to test something. We would like to move Dragon Raja Global there, at least temporarily, and see if it attracts Asian players. If this test succeeds, DRG will then permanently reside there and we will use the current server as a proxy for North American and South American players if needed.

So, to summarize a bit, we would like to attract the asian players and make it easier for new players to reach a competitive level. We are welcoming any suggestion that you think would improve the server as well. I am also open to discussion on Discord with any of you as long as discussion remains civilized.

Again, I am sorry for the long inactivity and the wait.

To a brighter future for Dragon Raja !


-the Sign Painter

  • Server News • Re: Server offline for unexpected maintenance

Server is back online.

  • Server News • Server offline for unexpected maintenance

Dear Players,

The Server has been taken offline for an unexpected maintenance in order to resolve an issue with the database.
We have no ETA on when it will be up again but it shouldn't take long hopefully.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Server News • Server is back online

Dear Players,

The server is back online, sorry for this long downtime. To compensate, we have extended the Double Exp to one extra day.

  • Events • [Event] Christmas !

Hello Players,

It's that time of the year again !

Christmas event is starting... today ! As you could have noticed, the toys already started droping in West Glade. You will be able to turn them into reward in the OX Quizz map soon.

Starting Monday, you will also find the usual Christmas Quests in the OX Quizz map.

In addition to all that, double experience will start this Monday as well until the 31st included. Week-ends will be triple experience !

Have fun !

  • Events • Re: Monthly Double Exp

This week-end ;)

  • Events • [Event] Halloween month

Dear Players,

The upcoming weeks will have you frozen to your chair!
Trick or Treat Month!!

Get ready for several events and lots of monster invasions this Halloween Month!!!

Here is the schedule for the following events:

October 16th through October 29th

  • OX quest will be enabled
  • Towns Invasions by monsters
  • Hide and Seek with GM
  • Random Events (typically on the weekends)
October 23rd through October 29th
  • If you feel passionate in hunting, we have the job for you! Every hour, the three main cities as well as West Glade, Hegmonia and Northern Wanen will be invaded by a special kind of Zombie. Kill them and bring their Juice to an NPC that has been added to every temple of every city for a special reward.
October 29th
  • On this day, the Order of Dawn will lead an expedition on the Undead Dungeon at 14:00:00 Server Time to defeat the Lich who is trying to summon an horrible creature known as Jack of Halloween. Join their expedition and help them defeat the Lich before the summon is complete ! If successful, they will reward you with special loot !
Hope to see everyone at the Halloween Events this month! Happy Halloween everyone!!!

  • Events • [Event] Monster Invasion

Dear Player's

There will be a Monster Invasion event this Thursday.

The Event
Monster's of all types will be invading west glade's outter market, It's up to players to repel the invasion and grab whatever goodies they drop.

The Time
Thursday 10th August 12:00:00 Server time

There are no specific rule, just have fun and kill everything that's killable!

The Rewards
Anything that you loot is your reward!

  • Events • Re: [Event] Longest Kill Streak

The Saturday "Longest Kill Streak" event has been won by the following player's.

Vyseus : Mathilde
Zypern: Simplestupid
Yllse : Mofomaycry

Also a congratulation's to all the other participant's who won the other prize's.

Hope to see you all for future event's. gratz :rock:


Server Status: Online