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  • Server News • Changes in the GM Team

Dear Players,

We have decided to make a few changes within the GM Team in order to bring a better quality of service.
Therefore, the following GMs are leaving the team:

- GMPhilocypher
- GMRaijin
- GMGeek
- GMSomething

We deeply thank them for the work and passion they've put into the game.

We will soon recruit a new GM to host events, we'll keep you updated on the matter.

  • Server News • Re: Help Wanted !

We are still looking for people capable of helping us in any of the above jobs, especially a programmer.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Sunday 30/10/2016

Maintenance's over and patch is available.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Sunday 30/10/2016

Server Maintenance has begun.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Sunday 30/10/2016

Maintenance has been postponed to 00:00:00.

  • Events • Re: LMS arena event

Congrats to the winners!

I have learned my lesson, I am sorry I didn't give any warning for those players hidden in the corner, it was my faulty action.
Overall we need to work on this kind of LMS event make it less complicated and fun to everyone!


  • Events • Re: LMS arena event

event has conluded thx to everyone that joined
please be aware that i noticed many things in this event and will work on those before doing this event again.
1st place: Xplosiv
2nd place: Baaam
3rd place: MetalARG

  • Events • Christmas Events


Not announcing anything yet, however, some of you might have noticed Toys started to drop in West Glade. This was a mistake on our end, the event wasn't supposed to begin this early :mrgreen: . It is now fixed, Toys won't spawn anymore and those who already got some can hold on to them until we properly announce the Christmas Events.

We will soon let you know what we've got in our bags for Christmas and we hope you'll enjoy it. Of course the Toy Hunting event will be there, like every year, just not this early ^_^ .

  • Events • Re: Monthly Double Exp

Don't forget about it, it's this week-end :)

  • Events • LMS arena event

Dear player a LMS (last man standing) will take place sunday 4th december after castle war (16:30ST)

event will take place in LMS arena and there will be 1 round

-1st place: insane map and a new title
-2nd place: chaos map
-3rd place: high map

Please note, that as the event is going on in lms arena there is already enforced rules mostly around curses and stone armors

in this event the things that will be forbidden is:
-Any item effects that will prevent magic damage including lifedrain
-Summoning potions

come show us your skills and be the first to enjoy brand new title system!!


Server Status: Online