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  • Changed webhost

Hi everyone,

We've migrated to a new webhosting company for our website over the weekend. We're currently still configuring some of the settings and links between the website and game server, that is why the website currently shows that the server status is offline whilst it's not.



  • Nation Transfer

Hello dear friends!

I am happy to announce that all Migrations between all Nations are currently Opened!
I hope players do it properly and help us to balance the game, for your own joy and pleasure.
And dont forget to invite back your old friends! We are trying to bring back the fun to the game

In order to migrate you must fill the following requirements:

- Become Guildless with all of your account's characters.
- Buy a 'Application of Exile' (available in the Dragon Raja Mall 1.000 R.E. See attachment bellow).
- Use it and disconnect.

When you login to the game again for the first time, It will require you to chose a nation.
Remember: All characters with that account will be also migrated to the same Nation you pick.. No GM need take no action.
There is no need to open a ticket requesting this migration, unless you have any questions. In that case, I will be happy to answer you.

Best regards,

  • 6h Experience Pills bug

Dear Players,

The 6 hours experience pills appear to be buged. We will withdraw them from the mall until next Server Update. All those which have bought one will get refunded. The RE will be placed within the Merchant Board.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


-the Sign Painter

  • Client Update 65

Dear Players,

We did a small patch update which you can get by running Updater.exe or in the download section of our website.


- Updated War and Maze times in Ingame Help.

New war times: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2589
New quest times: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4606

  • Client Update 64

Dear Players,

We did a small patch update which you can get by running Updater.exe or in the download section of our website.


- Fixed increase in CPU usage when alt-tab caused by patch version 63.

  • Anniversary Event [2014]


We are heading to our fourth Dragon Raja Global anniversary, and to celebrate it, I will turn double exp on from March 9th up to March 16th.
I may also promote some small events in game as well, If I get enough free time.

This event will be PK ON, so be aware.

Thanks for staying around with us during all these years.

  • [Event] Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas People!

I am glad to announce we will be hosting a Christmas and New Year event :- )

From December 23rd, until January 2nd it will be Double Exp Event.
From December 23th, until January 2nd, I will disable PK in some maps due this holy dates.
During this month, I will be randomly making mini events on different maps (depending on my free time).
It will be announced in game, so stay tuned! These events will be for fun, and will drop low rewards (like Money, Sard, Leaf, CSBook. Nothing big).
I will host it for low levels and High levels so everyone may have fun.

- There will be an Event at 14:00 (Server Time) and another one at 23:00 (Server Time) on December 25th;
- It will be PK off and I will give some cool rewards (Gamble Coins, Crit, Sard, Leaf, Cyc/DB Skin, etc);
- More information will be given in-game during the Event.

You may also see around the cities some mobs. Few of them should drop CSBook, Money, PotionBox.
It will be low level mobs, to help new comers.

This post may be updated, so keep an eye over it.

You may expect a way better server for 2014. I am already planning some events. (So start making your rares and level up asap!)

In the name of Dragon Raja Global Team, We wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

  • [Event] Double-XP Weekend

Let’s grab your leveling gears and call your friends to enjoy the upcoming Double-XP Weekend!


The Event
This weekend, 29th – 30th June, will be having a Double-XP bonus for all Players!
Don’t forget to buy the Pills (2/ 4/ 6/ 8H), it will turn your XP into 4x!

Additionally, PKs will be turned off during the Event in the following Maps:
:arrow: West Glade
:arrow: Hegemonia
:arrow: Lethe’s Reign
:arrow: Lethe’s River
:arrow: Venom Dungeon 1, 2, 3

Date: 29th – 30th June, 2013, Saturday - Sunday

Have a joyful weekend with Double-XP!




別忘記去買加倍藥丸 (2/ 4/ 6/ 8小時), 它能令你獲得的經驗值以 4 倍計算!

此外, 在活動舉行期間, 以下地圖 PKs 將會關掉:
:arrow: 西部林地
:arrow: 海格摩尼亞
:arrow: 幽冥平原
:arrow: 幽冥河岸
:arrow: 毒洞 1, 2, 3

日期: 6 月 29 – 30 日, 星期六 – 星期日


  • [Event] GMs Joining Wars - Round 2!

It’s been a long while GMs joining Wars…
For the upcoming ones, GMs will be joining again!


The Event
Round 1
From time to time, GMs will be joining the upcoming Wars. Unlike last time, only the Nation who has the lowest number of Players will be having GMs joining. GMs will then decide which Nation they are going to assist on a Real Time Basis! However, this time GMs not only will defend but also will attack (by attacking, it means that GMs will only assist on killing Defenders in the Attack Team. They will never attack the Stones).
In other words, the Wars will become more intense!

The Prize
Each player in the Wining Nation which has taken part into the War will be rewarded with full PWP!
As for the Losing Nation, their amount of PWP will remain unchanged.

Date: 3rd June, 2013, Monday
Time: 14:00 SVT

See you there! ^o^


有好一段日子 GMs 都沒參與過邊境戰了...
在未來的日子裡, GMs 會再次參與!


接下來的日子裡, GMs 會再度參與邊境戰。不過, 這次跟上次的參戰形式會有所不同, 只有最少人數參戰的國家將會獲得 GMs 的協助。屆時 GMs 會根據實時的實際人數去決定協助哪一個國家! 然而, 這次 GMs 不但會協助防守, 他們還會協助進攻 (進攻的意思是 GMs 只會協助殺掉敵方的防守玩家, 而他們是不會協助攻打結界石)。
換言而之, 邊境戰將會變得更加激烈!

在戰勝國, 每位有份參與和協助的玩家將會獲得全滿的 PWP!
而在戰敗國, 每位有份參與和協助的玩家, 他們的 PWP 將會維持不變。

日期: 6 月 3 日, 星期一
時間: 14:00 (以伺服器時間為準)

到時見! ^o^

  • [Events] A Greeting from GMInspire

Hi everyone! I’m very pleased to announce that I’m hired as the new event GM – GMInspire. We sincerely thank for all the great supports from all of you through the ups and downs! Hopefully we could all brainstorm together and have more new kinds of events in the future!

At this weekend, I will host two events as a greeting and in order to have some fun with all of you guys!


Event 1 - Monster Survival
How tanky do you think you are? Do you think you are tough enough to stand still when crowds of monsters keep coming to you?

The Event
There will be two types of play for this event:

A) Last Man Standing (LMS)
We will continuously summon different kinds of monsters until one player is left alive !

B) Monster Waves
We will continuously summon different kinds of monsters for 2 minutes. After the time is up, all the summoned monsters will begin dying off. The survivor(s) after all the summoned monsters died will be rewarded.

There will be 3 rounds for each type. It begins with 3 rounds of LMS and then 3 rounds of Monster Waves. In between rounds there will be a 5 minute-break for players to refill their potion boxes and inventories.

The Prize
For A) Last Man Standing (LMS), the survivor will get:
1) 300 RE;
2) A Secret of a nation at your choice;
3) A Gold Coin.

For B) Monster Waves, the survivor(s) will get:
1) Sardonyx x 1;
2) 150 RE (added on 11th May, 2013)

The General Rules
1) All the Spells, Skills and Combat Skills of all the players will be disabled for the whole event. Hence, monsters can't die and
you’d better grab your tanky gear and come up with the best strategy to survive against them!

2) No ress pots and summoning potions are allowed during the entire event.

3) When the round begins, there will be no new comers! You must wait for a round to end before entering the next round!

4) Players aren't allowed to hide in spots we might have forgotten to block with monsters. (added on 10th May, 2013)

5) There is no dual or level restriction for this event. All the players are welcomed!

Time & Venue
Date: 11th May, 2013, Saturday
Time: 11:30 SVT (changed on 10th May, 2013)
Location: The LMS Arena (changed on 10th May, 2013)


Event 2 - A Mix of Hide-N-Seek and PK Tournament
Tired of Hide-N-Seek itself alone? What about we make Hide-N-Seek become more meaningful?
Let’s check out the following!

The Event
I will appear in a random spot in The Great Grassland. The first 10 players who are able to find me will be granted a qualification automatically to enter the PK Tournament! (See the Rules below for more details of entering the PK Tournament).

[PK Tournament]
Once 10 players are selected, they will be teleported directly to the LMS Arena by me. As for the buffing…don’t worry ! You can simply get Enchant Weapon (Z) and Save From Danger (SFD) simply by clicking the NPC located in the middle of the arena. The Tournament ends when there will be only one player left alive. Hence, he or she will be the winner!

The Prize
The Winner of the PK Tournament will get:
1) 3,000 RE;
2) A set of Secrets (Zypern, Vyseus, Yllse);
3) 5 Pieces of Cyclops Skins OR Dark Bear Skins at your choice.

For the rest of the 9 defeated players…Don’t get frustrated!
You will also get:
1) 1,000 RE;
2) A Secret of a nation at your choice;
3) 2 Pieces of Cyclops Skins OR Dark Bear Skins at your choice.

The General Rules
1) The moment you find me, you have to type “Found you" or "found you” in Normal Chat in order to determine who will be the first 10 players. However, spamming in the Normal Chat with “Found you / found you” or any other words, actions that causing constant disturbance will be disqualified immediately for the whole event.

2) Since the qualification for entering the PK Tournament will be granted at the moment you find me and by saying “Found you/ found you”, you still have the rights to withdraw from it before the PK begins. Your place will then be replaced by another player according to the sequence. However, there will be no rewards given to you.

3) The maximum number of people from each nation is 6 (not limited to guild). However, there’s a dual level restriction – only dual 1 or dual 1+ players will be allowed to participate in both parts of the events.

4) In case there will be no players left alive, a re-match will be held for all those 10 players.

Spells/ Items - using Rules
1) The following Spells are not allowed:
a) Cursing (Stun, Stone, Confusion, Divine Curse, Blind, etc.)
b) Complete Sanctuary
c) Any Revival Spell
d) Monster Summoning

2) The following Items are not allowed:
a) Any item effects that will prevent magic damage including Life Drain
b) Any item that will revive yourself
c) Summoning Potions
d) All kinds of candles (added on 6th May, 2013)

Time & Venue
Date: 12th May, 2013, Sunday
Time: 14:00 SVT
Location: The Great Grassland and The LMS Arena

Breaking any of the above rules in the events will receive an immediate disqualification. Make sure you understand and follow them well!


See you guys all ingame at the weekend!
Stay tuned for more events coming!

All the suggestions of events are welcomed.


Server Status: Online