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  • Server News • Help Wanted !

Dear Players,

In order to improve our productivity & quality of service, we are looking for people who can fulfill one of the positions below.

Do know that this is a voluntary job, and you will not be paid in real money. (However, you can earn ingame currencies if you wish to).

Support Desk
We are looking for someone who would be able to help us take care of the Support Desk. Your primary goal would be assisting players on both forums & Support Desk. You would have several tasks involving answering player questions, finding lost items, helping account information retrieval and so on.

- Very good knowledge of the game
- Good communication skills
- Fair knowledge of the server's community
- Good SQL & Database skills

We are looking for an experienced programmer to help us implement new features into the game, tweak the current and fix bugs.

- Good C/C++ skills
- Good SQL & Database skills
- Good knowledge of the game
- Game development experience is a plus
- C# skills are a plus

If you think you can qualify for any of the above positions, feel free to PM me on the forums with a small cover letter and a description of your skills and I'll contact you back if we are interested.

  • Server News • Re: Beta testing registration

Beta testing registration is now closed.

  • Server News • Server Online

The server is now back online the problem has been fixed.

  • Server News • Re: Server Reboot

Reboot's complete, new patch also available which fixes the text issue.

  • Server News • Server Reboot

Dear Player,

We will do a quick server reboot at 21:30:00 to fix the map crashes.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


-the Sign Painter

  • Events • Re: Team PvP Tournament - March 2016

We will contact teams individually to setup match schedules.

  • Events • Re: Team PvP Tournament - March 2016

Event has been delayed to Saturday 26th because not enough teams have registered so far.
Registrastion will now close the 25th.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Events • Re: Team PvP Tournament - March 2016

Hurry up! These are the last few days for Registration!

We will be closing it by Friday 18th and the matchs will start on Saturday, 19th (to be confirmed according to the Fighting Teams and GMs).
We will announce every fight here in this post, as well as the results!

Be ready! :go:

  • Events • Re: Team PvP Tournament - March 2016

In order to make your team, you and your team mates must agree with the following rules:

  • There must be 3 different Classes
  • These Spells are forbidden
    • Blind
    • Complete Sanctuary
    • Revival Spells
  • These skills are forbidden
    • Priest class basic revival skill
  • These Items are forbidden
    • Any item effects that will prevent magic damage including lifedrain
    • Any item that will revive yourself
    • Summoning potions
  • The following rare Effect will be changed
    • Curse (Increase Curse Time) will be G1
    • Curse Group (Snag/Slag/Etc) will be G1
  • Each Team will name a player to be the Team Leader. This player must have a valid forum account so GMs may contact him
  • Every Match will be previously Scheduled by a GM and the Team Leaders.
  • Rules may change before/during the event. Keep an eye over here.


Server Status: Online