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Dear Player's,

There will be a Map and Seek event this Wednesday

The Event
I will be opening 4 Highs 4 Chaos 2 Insane maps in Neutral maps, (1 map being open at a time) but I will give a hint to which Neutral map I am on.
First person discovering me I will open the map and has 5 minutes to bring reinforcement's until I announce to the entire server where this map has been opened.
Also I'll be throwing some extra monsters on opened maps that will drop an item.

The Time
Wednesday 10/5/2017 16:00:00 Server Time and Sunday 14/5/2017 03:30:00 Server time

The Rewards
Who ever finds me first on each map you'll recieve that as 'Finding Prize' , You cannot recieve more than 1 prize per map difficulty but you can still recieve a prize from other difficulty tiers. (If still confused about this , whisper me in-game I'm always lurking)
Maps will still be opened as usual for all to try and loot.

The Rules
PK will be ON half of the maps (2,2,1) and OFF for the other half of the maps (2,2,1) , just to give everybody a chance at a piece of loo


Server Status: Online