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Server is back online, patch is available and changelog is below.

Have fun :D

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Local War PWP not being awarded in some rare cases.
- Fixed cases where double experience pills wouldn't run out.
- Fixed Leveling Quest not resetting properly sometimes.
- Fixed Ogres leveling quest not working.
- Fixed several misc crashes.

- Enable Dual 5.
- Added quest to reach Dual 5.
- Added G5 Symbol.
- Renamed Honour points into War Points. They can now also be obtained through the Local War.
- Added White Bear saddle (found in the Insane map)
- Toughened the White Bear in the Insane Map.
- Added a Sylph Boss to the Chaos Map.
- Newly dropped Legends will now always be G8.
- Improved Amurtart's AI to make the fight more challenging.
- Monster War has been changed. Now everyone spawns at the same position and must destroy all the doors to kill the guards.
- Tactic Cap has been increased to 220 for Dual 5 characters (not leechable)
- Enchant Hammer can now enchant up to G3 / High 3.

- Symbols have been reworked (new values can be found within ingame Help)
- Symbols effects now overlap Blue rares.
- The hidden white resist of Priest robes has been removed.
- Life and Speed rares got their values buffed up.
- Slightly increased movement speed of Wizard, Priest and Warrior Dual Shoes.

- ImageButton has been renamed to just Button in UI files.
- Map drops have been slightly increased.


Server Status: Online