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Dear Players,

I am happy to announce the Dual 5 Update development has almost reached its completion. Therefore, we are releasing half of the Update on the Beta Server. If everything goes well, the second half will be released this very Sunday (still on Beta).

Here's what the full update will consist of:

Part 1 (released on Beta):
- A full scenarised Quest with 24 missions where you learn the ways of a Dragon Slayers
- Grade 5 Symbol

Part 2:
- Slight changes to the Castle War as well as the release of the two missing Warfields.
- Rework of the Monster War to make it more fun and rewarding.
- Symbol Rework
- Max Tactics level increased to 220.

Both parts also contain changes regarding other (smaller) features. The full changelogs will be available as the updates go on.

Changelog for the first part is available over at : viewtopic.php?f=67&t=25374
How to join Beta Server : viewtopic.php?f=67&t=24156

Please give us your feedback and report any witnessed bug as soon as possible :)
And most of all, enjoy :)


Server Status: Online